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Our longest running series to date. Meet Sampa, Yolanda, Mable, Thandiwe and Sonia. 5 best friends living their best lives. They are juggling relationships, pregnancy, weddings, marriage, health, religion, race and family acceptance with a bottle of wine to spare.

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An Upcoming wedding. The right bride, check. The handsome groom, check. Bridesmaids, check. Groomsmen, check. The gorgeous ring, check. The perfect engagement, almost check. The best dress and a couple of best friends to celebrate the day, check. The ex that never left, double check. Sometimes the simplest things have the worst plans around the corner. Drama is the order of the day. Do you or do you not?

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MY NKANI (Random Stories):

A compilation of short stories of short stories all under the Nkani brand.

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MUNA WAKA (Formerly Dear Black Men)

Ever felt as if you have something to say? Ever felt as if the men around you need a letter to be sent to them for what they done. Look no further. The letters in form of stories are here for you.

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To be single or not to be single… Is heartbreak a choice or is love simply a playing ground of losers and winners. We give you short fictional stories and series which started this blog.

Read up on stories like:

The Catch (Part 1-6) a collaboration with Mukandi & Ntamayile

Friends with Benefits (Part 1-4) series

Secrets and Lies (Part 1 – 4) Series

Best Friends Forever (Part 1 & 2)

And a lot more.

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