So it’s all about Stories and Poetry. Maybe a few random things here and there but hey here is an overview of the whole blog


This is a series that deals with Four women who deal with drama in their various relationships. Meet them in their elements and see what they get up to.

The Heart Break Chronicles:

Ever faced heartbreak? I have. This section is all about heart break in today’s world. The pain and the art of moving on.

The Single Chronicles:

Well I am a single woman with a few words to tell. Okay maybe a lot of words. But I am not alone. I have a lot more single people showing me how singlehood is really nice and bad and funny and something else. Catch up on things single.

I am a Zed Blogger (#IAAZB):

Zed blogging taken to other heights. Run by the beautiful Miss Kundwe, we celebrate all things Zambian and real. Bring it on.

Poetry Sessions:

All these red and blue with a choice of roses in violet is what lays in this section. Fun no? Let’s share our words together and feel.


Well, this is random chronicles of stuff out there. Random stories so to say.


So just click on any of the named links above and boom, you will be on your way to an awesome story. Nice hey. Much love. Kisses.

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