Why do you blog? Why write?
Passion. There is nothing you can do without passion. I started writing when I was a teenager. Now I’m approaching my thirties and I still have the passion to write a really good story for everyone to enjoy. I really love writing.

Do you work or is the writing a full time job?
I work in the Insurance Industry as an Underwriter. So writing is my second passion.

How do you balance work, writing/blogging and your social life?
Well I work Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm, so everything else revloves around that. I write either early in the morning in the office car park or when I get home, especially before I sleep. It’s like words flow easier when I’m relaxed. When I write then I need to post it as soon as possible, plus I read other bloggers work too and lay down my thoughts and comments too. Weekends are when my social life comes to play.

Why do you call your kind of writing stories and poetry with a twist?
Because most of my stories and poems have a twist to them at the end. Something that gets you thinking about what if and maybes.

What does Nkani mean? What makes that special?

Nkani means story. So you’re reading stories. I call them realistic stories. What makes Nkani special is the way someone out there will be able to relate to a particular situation. The Nkani series help to show people out there that they are not alone in that situation.

What are The Single Chronicles about?
Separate stories about different men and women in their quest for love and the pressures and horrors they go through in the single-hood zone. It’s tough out there.

Are The Single Chronicles about one individual?
No. Each story has a life of its own. Each story is different unless it is in parts but each story has its own type of person, a title of sorts so that you can relate to the story.

Do you have any other stories apart from the Single Chronicles?
Yes. Before the Single Chronicles I had the Chronicles of an Alcoholic and other random stories. So yes. Once in a while you will see random stories that are not connected to the Single Chronicles.

Are the stories on your blog fiction or reality?
All the stories are entirely fictional but the thing about fiction is it either gets to you or not. Maybe someone out there has lived one of the stories here. Who knows.

How do you come up with the stories and poetry?
Well firstly, I’m a visual writer. By that I mean, when I see a picture or something I like, believe it or not words will flow. So I have to have my Evernote ready to type the plot before it disappears. So you will seeing a lot of pictures on my blog. Lastly, through my networking, I love making new friends and each person in my life adds something important that will create a poem or a future story. So get talking.

Do you collaborate stories with other bloggers?
Yes. And I think when minds come together something great happens.

Will you write a book one day?
Only time can tell. Not sure yet.

What’s one thing you want people to do when they read your work?
Share it. Maybe you know someone who has gone through any of the stories written so share this. Or maybe you have gone through a similar situation then read it again. I want you to know you are not alone. No to shame you or make you regret your situation but I want you to know that there are many others in the same predicament.
If you have any more questions you can ask away in the comment section and I’ll respond to them soonest.

Thank you for reading.


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