Nkani: All That Glitters 19 – Relationships, Friendships, Situationships Are All Ships heading Somewhere..

Hi… Drama again. So much happening. A month of drama the ladies have faced so far. The month of January is just about to end. Approaching the end we all know is coming.

I do hope you all enjoy this chapter. It made me cry as I wrote it. So touching really. Anyway, there is so much drama coming up. It’s lit. Read up and let’s discuss. Xoxo.

29th January 2016

“How is everything going? The baby okay?”

Thandiwe gives me a shy smile as she closes the oven doors. Gosh I am hungry and Thandiwe is cooking up a storm, according to her. Never known Thandiwe to take a serious interest in cooking up a storm, being a diva and all. Cooking is for women who enjoy being slaves to their men is her motto. Cooking would ruin her perfectly set makeup and clothes. Looking at her now in a peach coloured over flowing halter neck dress with her hair in a ponytail, she looks beautiful, if not radiant. Count on Thandiwe to look amazing even for a simple dinner of four at her home.


That’s what she called the feeling when she invited me and Sangu home for dinner. I obliged after she promised me there would be amazing sea food – and wine- on the menu but mostly because I needed to find out if what Yolanda told me about the abortion clinic would be something Thandiwe was considering after all. And a glass of chilled chardonnay later, the men went off to ‘talk about man stuff’ while I helped Thandiwe out in the kitchen- that is standing beside her to watch her cook.

No complaints.

One look at Thandiwe and one would assume she does not know how to cook, I mean what time would she have to cook if her face always looks perfect; but my best friend has her ways. She cooks what she loves and leaves the rest – traditional meals – to the maid just in case James wants a real meal. How James accepts it all is a mystery to me. Then again James loves Thandiwe too much to think about how she won’t cook traditional food. Thandiwe walks to the table where her unfinished salad sits and continues where she left off with the olives.

“Everything is great hun.” She responds. “Here and there. The baby is growing just fine. I went to the clinic this week. Antenatal stuff and it went well.”

“Awwww that’s amazing.”

“I know right.” She smiles.

“I am so happy for you. You will be an awesome mummy. Weird enough you are not showing yet.”

“I will be soon enough hun. Soon enough.”

“Looking forward to showing?”

Thandiwe shrugs. “I am fine pretending I am still the slim lady. Lemme enjoy my size for a little while longer.”

“Hey I am definitely not going to tell you not to.”

She looks at me and smiles. I’m sure her baby will take her features. I know James is not that bad looking but I am certain their child will have more of Thandiwe than him. She will be a great mother I am certain of it. She truly deserves all the happiness in the world. I can’t help but be envious of the fact that she gets to have a child within a year of marrying James and I have been trying for years for a sign of a miracle. In God’s time everyone tells me. In God’s time.

But what if God’s time means I lost Sangu? I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now.

“James and I were thinking about Baby names.” Thandiwe says.

Well that’s something new.

“And?” I ask

“We are still deciding. I think it’s gonna be a hard task for us to agree on a name.”

“What happened to the father names the first born theory?”

“Excuse me I don’t want James giving my child an ugly name. No. It has to be perfect.”

“By the time you get to nine months I am certain the baby name will be the least of your worries.”

“I know right.” Thandiwe laughs. “Hopefully the morning sickness will be done by then.”

“It’s still that bad?” I ask worriedly.

“Of course. It’s horrible. Doctor says I will be fine soon enough. Can’t wait.”

I pat her back and she smiles. She seems to be in good spirits and nothing like the woman who would want an abortion. Maybe her maid did want the abortion clinic name. Why would Thandiwe want one. It’s not like she is single. She is a happily married woman to a nice man. So a baby would be an added blessing for her.

“Tell me though, what’s going on with you and Sangu. You two look happy again. All is well? Forgiven?” She asks.

I nod my head.

“Oh and his mother invited me to her birthday party.” I tell her.

Thandiwe smirks and rolls her eyes. She hates Sangu’s mother as much as I do. The she devil of a woman. Thandiwe pops an olive into her mouth and looks at me.

“Are you going?” She asks

“Yep. To build a bridge I guess. She invited me so I will go.”

“What if she’s mocking you or something?”

The same question I’ve asked myself countless times this week. Sangu seems to believe that his mother wants to build bridges with me. Something about her accepting that he is decided in choice of me being in his life. Whatever that means. The woman won’t lose without a fight; but what if she is ready to accept Sangu’s choice and my inability to have children. That would be a step forward for all of us.

“Maybe she is maybe she’s not.” I respond. “Who knows.”

“I swear if she starts tripping on you. I swear….”

“Calm down mother to be. ” I laugh. “Besides Sangu said my friends can come so hopefully you will be around to join us. I haven’t told the others yet. So I am inviting you first.”

“For you anything.” She says. “I’ll let you know if I’ll be free.”


My ladies would do anything for me.

“Oooh let’s check on the prawns.” Thandiwe says excitedly.

My bear friends are the best. Always in my corner

I guess that’s the best part about friendship.


“I am so proud of you Sonia.”

Aunt Leah wraps her arms around me. I laugh. She loves hugs. She loves to give them too. This is why she’s my favorite person.

“Tomorrow is the day.” She whispers.

Tomorrow is the day. Finally Ian gets to bring the tumbale* to my family. Finally life is moving forward and I am excited. I can’t wait. Aunt Leah is probably more excited than I am. She gets to be a part of my marriage talks after raising me into the woman I am today. With no children of her own she has been the mother I always needed and I am happy she’s here to celebrate this moment.

“You will have a blessed marriage.” She says

“Amen. And thank you.” I tell her.

She pulls back and looks at me. She raises her eyebrow at me. I take her hand and we walk to the bed. We sit down side by side and I pat her hand.

“Whatever are you thankful for?” She asks

“For being there for me. Totally grateful. Thank you. You are the best.”

“You’re my daughter. Where else would I have been except by your side.”

I smile at her and she touches my cheek. I miss my parents. If only they were around to see me get this far. If only….

“Your grandfather is looking forward to charging Ian’s family.” She laughs. “A high amount he said.”

“Ahh Aunt Leah, we don’t want Ian to run away now.” I laugh.

“I will be there to steer the conversation in the right direction.”

“Who else is coming?” I ask curiously

“Your Aunties. Rose. Chipili. Catherine. Grandma Christine. And your uncles, Jeff, Pascal, Muchimba and your Grandpa Ben.”

“That’s alot of people.”

“All the well to represent you my child. We will do this right.” She says. “Will any of your friends be coming tomorrow?”

“All of them. You know they can’t miss this moment.”

“You are blessed to have them in your life. They stand by you and support you through everything.” She says.

And she’s right. I am a grateful woman for them. I am a happy woman because of them. They are my life. Always there.

“I don’t know what I would do without them.” I laugh. “They keep me sane.”


“You’ll drive me insane.” I laugh.

He presses his lips on my neck and I close my eyes in pleasure. I lean against the door and sigh. Amazing, but this man will be the death of me. I do not know why I feel like this. His hands roam my back, trailing over my hips, squeezing my ass on the way down.

“I need to go Isaac.” I whisper.

“Do you really? Is it necessary?” He asks, his lips against my skin.

“Yes. I have to. My children are waiting for their mummy.” I respond.

He straightens and looks at me. He is so attractive. I touch his cheek and lean in closer to him, brushing my lips against his. I feel his smile, he never takes it personal that I have to leave him. He knows my children need me. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.

“When will I see you?” He asks.

“You have seen me everyday this week. Don’t get greedy.” I respond.

“I am allowed to get greedy. You’re one beautiful woman.”

I smile, happily, grateful that he can’t see it right now. He is so good with words. Something Chinyama lacks, or lacked. Isaac gets me, he wants me to know I am beautiful everyday of the week, every hour, all the time. But I still have to go home to another man.

I pull away from Isaac and give him a quick kiss before I walk out of his house. I don’t turn around as I walk away. I am afraid I will want to stay with him. I walk to my car quickly as if the wall fence, the flowers and the grass are judging me. I get into my car and start the engine and I catch sight of Isaac standing at the door in his white t-shirt and blue jeans, barefoot, his shoulder leaning against the door looking at me. A man does not get better than that. I smile and I drive out of the man’s yard. Time for home.


I have seen him everyday of the week. At his home this time. His beautiful home that he took me to days ago for the first time when he cooked me dinner. He went all out fancy with dinner, a three course meal just for me. And for the first time in a long time I stayed off the wine. I didn’t need it. And we made out, gosh his lips had me yearning for the love I had missed from Chinyama, the love that he had given another woman in my place.

Isaac made me want to stay, I wanted to stay but I couldn’t. Each and every day I have been here I have wanted to stay, stay the night, feel all I want to feel, his touch, his lips, everything. The man has had my mind reeling and I don’t think I will be able to stop him one of these days. I need a time out to think about him and the direction my marriage has taken.

The situation between Chinyama and I is tiring to say the least. We watch each other in private and pretend to be happy in front of the children. After I told him to get whatever he wants from Cynthia he has been silent for most part. He tries to stay out of my way, he doesn’t touch me anymore. He comes home early, earlier than me, he waits for me while he has a glass or two of whiskey and goes to sleep after he has supper. It’s a sad picture, to see the once mighty Chinyama crumble in silence. The hardest part is there was a time I cared about what he needed but not anymore. He deserves everything he will go through. The man has broken me way too much for me to let him keep destroying me.

Our marriage is a shell of lies.

But then why can’t I still fully open up to Isaac then if my marriage is a shell of lies? Why do I feel lost when I watch my husband sleeping? Why do I still feel miserable each day we spend not talking?

And the best question out of everything is why am I still married to Chinyama?


“You look beautiful.”

I smile. “Thank you.”

He doesn’t look half bad either in his white shirt and dark grey chinos with black loafers on. I give him my best red lips signature smile. The a is a gentleman through and through and he knows this. Masulani didn’t have to pick me up for the drinks date. He really didn’t have to, after all I got my car back and I suggested I would find my way; but he surprised me when a knock on the door revealed the man himself. A bit too early if I may add, before I had taken my shower and his excuse the power company had left him in darkness too soon. So I left him to his own devices while I showered and dressed up appropriately – a white shirt, skinnies and stilettos appropriate.

“You ready?” I ask him.

“Yes.” He responds.

He looks relaxed, far from what he usually is at the office. We walk outside and he waits for me to lock the door before he walks beside me to his car. We don’t talk during the very short walk. He opens the door for me – surprising – and closes it afterwards. I watch him walk around to his side, get in, start the car and drive. I can’t help but smile about the evening ahead. It will definitely be fun.

He drives us to Olympia where Chezani, a popular bar and restaurant. Friday nights normally has the place packed by midnight when it’s famous DJ Slim plays the best tunes of the night. Masulani being the gentleman that he is opens the door for me and leads us into the building.

Tucked away in a quieter side of Olympia, Chezani has an African vibe attached to it with the bamboo trees planted outside leading to the door, the African vibe goes well into the inside where the first section is a bar, made out of bamboo everything, high chairs and tables for those seeking out a drink with the view of the little dance floor to the side, mirrors on the wall for those bad dancers to know where they go wrong in waist shaking, the music mimics those seeking to shake their bwete*; the second part of Chezani separated at the end of the bar by trailing beads has a more cosy feel to it. Cubicles each with red and brown African print type of sofas – pillows too for the sleepy type – connected within each cubicle with a table in the middle. The music is quite slow and nice in the second section and I don’t hesitate to notice the place is quite packed. All the cubicles are taken.

Masulani takes my hand and leads the way to one of the cubicles on the right in the middle of the restaurant where I notice already has three women and two men sitting within the cubicle.The two men who I recognise as Stanely and Peter stand up and shake Masulani’s hand. Stanely gives me a bear hug when he notices me standing behind Masulani while Peter gives me a handshake.

The three ladies – in short dresses to kill, while showing off underwear with weaves to match the length of their dresses- within the cubicle hug Masulani, kisses landing on his cheek; two of the ladies who introduce themselves as Tracy and Mwamba happily greet me while the third one who Mwamba introduces as Sandra clearly ignores me when I say hi. Definitely not gonna complain, she’s not the reason I’m here.

I sit on one side of the cubicle in between Masulani and the woman with ignoring face across from Stanely and Mwamba.

“I can’t believe Masu brought you.” Stanley says. “I had asked for your number and my bro here said no. Busy hiding he had plans for you.”

“I didn’t even know I was coming here till we got here.” I respond.

“I’m heart broken. My brother has the most beautiful woman in his sights everyday.” He says, feigning heart break with his hand over his chest.

I laugh. Stanley is the funnier one of the two brothers. The flirt too.

“What will you have?” Masulani asks, leaning in closer. “Whiskey? Wine? Cider?”

“What are you having yourself?” I ask him

He doesn’t respond right there and then. He looks at me and lopsided smile.

“I’m a whiskey man.” He responds.

“Then whiskey it is for me too.” I respond

He smiles and calls for the waiter. He makes the order for a round of whatever is on the table plus our drinks and adds in snacks to accompany the drinks. When he’s done and the waiter walks away he sits back and without thought places his hand on my lower back. He moves his hand higher up my back and back down, I notice Ms Ignoring Sandra is staring at his hand. She frowns while I smile.

It will definitely be a fun night.


“So tomorrow is Sonia’s day. You ladies must be excited.” James says as he takes a bite into a prawn.

I am so nervous. I hope I’m not sweating and peeling off my makeup yet because of this. Shit.

“We definitely are. Too excited.” Sampa responds happily. “Aren’t we Thandiwe?”

“Definitely.” I smile. “I’m so happy for Sonia and Ian.”

“As am I hun.”

“It’s such a wonderful experience.”

Sampa smiles. Shit. I should not have said that. Three out of five friends will be married. I hope Sampa doesn’t think I was rubbing it in her face. I know how much she wants to get married and be a part of something amazing and legal. Even though Sangu is taking his precious time asking that one little question that will change everything, I know he will ask her. Soon. Sampa just has to keep holding on.

“Remember when it was us babe?” James asks me.

I smile at the man, place my hand on his shoulder and squeeze softly. He faces me and smiles.

“I remember.” I respond. “I remember thinking you will leave and never marry me, run away and disappear.”

“Leave you? Never. Honey, I fell in love with you the minute I saw you.” James says.

“Well saying it is one thing. The words really didn’t help with the nervousness.” I respond.

James places his fork on his plate and grabs my hand.

“I was never going to leave you babe. Never. No matter what obscene amount they charged I was going to pay it.”

James lifts my hand to his lips and kisses my knuckles.

“You’re the best part of my entire life.” He whispers.

“I swear you two are so cute.” Sampa says.

I smile.

“And with the baby on the way it’s too much cuteness to handle.” Sampa continues. “Love definitely under this roof.”

“It’s cute on the outside.” James responds.

I laugh.

The dinner is perfect. Just as I had hoped. Absolutely perfect. My roasted prawns, fried chilli peppered rice with pepper mushroom sauce with a Greek salad is a success. On going success that is. James has already asked for a second plate and I’m thinking Sangu will be doing the same on the prawns part only. I’m so happy everyone is enjoying themselves even though I’m not drinking. It’s amazing alright. James and I are in a good place. Sampa and Sangu look happy, then again they have always been the happy couple among my friends. Their love is beautiful and one can see it from afar.

“Are you saying the hormones are already taking over?” Sangu asks.

“Indeed they are. We are three months along and wife here wants particular things.” James responds. “I’m always on call, no matter the time.”

“Well it’s our baby. If I’m going to carry our child, you might as well feed the child.” I respond.

“And I have no problem with that.” James laughs.

“That’s so beautiful.” Sampa responds gleefully.

“I can’t imagine where I’m gonna be at nine months.” I tell them. “Probably fat.”

“Fat and beautiful. I’ll still love you.” James responds.

“Awww you’re too nice.” I respond.

“I swear this is love overload.” Sampa says, pointing at us.

“That will be us one day. Married and excited for the rest of our lives.” Sangu says.

I was right. Sangu will propose soon. His words say everything. Sampa looks at Sangu and gives him the most beautiful smile. They will be great parents one day. One day when God wills it to happen. She will make the most amazing mother. Which is why I have to do this now. I feel James hand on my elbow and I smile at him. He nods his head in their direction.

It is time.

Time to tell them why we hosted them for dinner. I’m so nervous. I don’t know they will take it. What if they think it’s out of pity? I don’t them to think that about what I’m about to tell them. James squeezes my elbow gently. He’s right here with me. I can do this.

“So guys…” I tell them.

“We have something to tell you.” James says, finishing my sentence.

Sampa and Sangu face us. I take a deep breath and laugh nervously.

“Okay. We wanted to ask you something.” I tell them.

“Sure. Anything. Is there something wrong?” Sampa asks worried.

I look at James and he shakes his head. I don’t know how she will take it.

“No. Sampa. Nothing wrong hun.” I assure her.

“So what’s going on?” Sangu asks.

“We want you to be our child’s Godparents.” James says slowly.

I watch Sampa’s face. Her eyes widen in shock for a few seconds before a huge smile spreads across her face. She covers her face with her hands while Sangu pats her back. I notice her shaking shoulders and my eyes fill with tears.

“Uhhhh…” I start and stop.

Shit now I’m an emotional wreck as my tears fall down my cheeks. I can’t say anything more, not until Sampa looks up at me.

“We know it’s too soon and all but we wanted to get it out of the way and ask you.” James says slowly.

Sampa takes her hands from her face and I see tears falling down her face.

“I don’t what to say Thandiwe.” She sniffs. “I’m at a loss of words.”

“Say yes. I would be happy to have you both as our child’s Godparents. James and I want you two to be Godparents to our amazing joy.” I tell her.

Hand over her mouth Sampa looks at James and then turns to look at Sangu. She nods at him and he smiles.

“Yes.” They say in unison

“We would be honoured to be your child’s Godparents.” Sampa says

Sampa stands up from her seat and walks to me. I stand up and she embraces me. I know she’s still in shock but it was the right thing to do. She was my perfect choice. She will make an amazing Godmother. I’m so happy I chose her. It doesn’t get any better than this. I hear her sniff on my shoulder.

“Thank you.” She whispers. “Thank you Thandiwe.”

To be continued…

*Tumbale – Plates that money is placed within so as to begin marriage talks between two families. Marriage talks that lead to decision of lobola amount.

*Bwete – Booty, Bums

©The Nkani Chick 2018


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  1. Emkay💓 says:

    I’m glad Thandiwe changed her mind about the abortion. And to think she wants Sampa to be her child’s Godparents?? That’s beautiful!


  2. verojanuary says:

    Awww so much love at dinner. I need more of Masulani 😉


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