Nkani: All That Glitters 18 – Change Comes Swiftly


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Mr Forty:
Baby. You look angry.

You would know right.

Mr Forty:
Please don’t be angry. Please. I’ll make it up to you.

How? Impress me.

Mr Forty:
Well, how about having me all to yourself.

You should have warned me. I wouldn’t have worn this dress.

Mr Forty:
You wore it for me?
You look amazing.
I wish I could take it off right now.

Not happening.
Your wife seems to be happier than ever tonight.

Mr Forty:
Isn’t she always?
The ever spoilt wife.
This can be you… Will be you some day if you let me.

Speaking of having you all to myself, your wifey there seems too excited about the night ahead.
You promised her amazing sex or what? Miss you back home sex?

Mr Forty:
What the hell are you talking about?

You know what I’m talking about.
You’re going home with her.

Mr Forty:
What did she tell you?

Wine and dine.
Passion and sweat
Groans and moans.

Let him figure that out for himself.

I place my phone upside down on the table and clear my throat, the men turn to face me and I offer a shy smile. I know Mr Forty is looking at me. I can feel his eyes trying to burn their way into my skin. This man should be ashamed, texting me with his while his wife holds onto his arm. Men. I avoid his glaring gaze and instead meet Mrs Chiti’s gaze. She still has that disgusting smug smile on her face.I know for certain she knows nothing of my relationship with Mr Forty. If she did I doubt she would be sitting at this table with me across from her.

What if her smug smile means something? Or maybe her smile is for Masulani. What if she knows and she’s telling me she still has Mr Forty wrapped around her little finger. I watch as Mrs Chiti leans in closer to Mr Forty and whispers something to him. Mr Forty forces a smile. She knows something and she’s not telling.

If only she knew exactly what her husband has been up to with me. She would leave him. Or she would kill me. Women and never facing the cause of their problems. I bet Mrs Chiti would probably kill the other woman first. No questions asked, keep her husband first.

But then what if I’m wrong about her intentions? What if she is just a proud wife who thinks it’s her duty to help another woman find a new man, even if it means he’s my colleague. Is Masulani interested in me? Do we look good together? Does it matter? Why did I let Mrs Chiti talk her way into my head.


The nerve of the stupid woman. She had me scared for my life when she asked me about breaking rules in the office. I thought she would call me out on being her husband’s mistress; I was ready to run and drag her by her hair if push came to shove. I’m not a fighter but I was ready to win. But the stupid woman went in the opposite direction. Totally unexpected…

“Oh my word.” She exclaimed, as she looked at me. “Look at your face. Calm down.”

“You look scared.” She continued.

I didn’t calm down. I wanted to find out what she meant and what she knew of her husband’s infidelity.

“If you can’t do it then don’t.” She continued. “I just thought you’re a daredevil and probably would enjoy breaking the office rules.”

“Me?” I asked her.

“Yes. You have that bold girl confidence going on. I like you a lot. You don’t care about the world. You own the world and all the men it in mind of look. Except my husband of course.”

“Okay. Thank you?”

“Don’t get me wrong hun. Your confidence makes you attractive. I’m certain it gets men turning.”

“Right.” I scoff.

“Oh I know it gets them turning. Every man turned to look at you when you waltzed in. Every man wanted you.”

Our eyes met in the mirror as she talked. She was reaching. Taunting me. She wanted to know something and I wasn’t going to give her the juicy details. She knew that and she continued.

“A girl like you can get any man. Any man you want. All you have to do is smile and pout and he’s all yours.”

“Any man?”

“Oh come on.”

“Of course. Not my husband though. That man loves me to death. Faithful to the very end.”

“You’re so lucky.”

“I am, right?”


“Anyway, Solomon has told me how some deals get closed because you happened to be there. Girl power.” She laughed.


“I know you’re good at this job. Solomon says as much but you have an extra asset. Your smile. Your body. You get the job down when D fails. That’s why Solomon likes you.”

Whatever she meant by that. I gave her a shy smile before I looked away, faced the mirror exhaled slow at the miracle of not being beaten by someone’s wife. I didn’t stay long in the bathroom.

I walked out soon after, back to the table pouting as I sat down. Mrs Chiti joined us minutes later on her rightful spot next to Mr Forty. The smug smile on her face made me feel uncomfortable, as if she had just done the world a great service.

“Are you okay?”

I flinch and look at Masulani. He raises his eyebrow in question. Did someone ask me something and I failed to respond? Shit.

“Yeah. I am. I’m okay. Got lost in my thoughts.” I respond.

I clear my throat and sit straighter. Mr wink man has his eyes on me. Wink. Pathetic. Masulani looks away and continues with the conversation on the table. He looks back at me and pushes a fresh glass of whiskey on the rocks in my direction. I lift the glass to my lips and drink the amber fluid, letting it burn me as it goes down my throat. I look at Mrs Chiti and she winks at me and nods her head in Masulani’s direction.

I hate her.

I look at Mr Forty and he seems to be listening to the client intently. I watch as Mrs Chiti tries to link her hand onto his arm and Mr Forty pushes her hand away so softly that one would think nothing of it. He’s not happy. Definitely not happy. I would know. I’ve seen him when he’s unhappy and it’s not pretty. But she does not stop trying. I’m sure in the end she will get her way. She always does. Including the way their night will end. I drink the rest of my drink fairly quickly and order for another one. If I’m going to be in bed alone, I might as well drink myself to sleep then.


I smile as I walk into the house. I lock the door with the same smile on my face. I take off my heels, lean my back against the door and close my eyes. The perfect day. The perfect ending. The perfect everything. All because of one man.


That man will be the end of me.

I can’t believe I’m this happy.


I open my eyes and my two youngest bundles of joy come into view running towards me. Their arms wrap around my thighs and I smile happily.

“Mummy!!” Kazhika says

“Mummy’s home!!” Kakoma cries.

“Hey my loves. My babies. Hi.” I tell them. “I missed you.”

They proceed to tell me about their mini fight while I was away. They talk at the same time one trying to outdo the other in story telling. I look at them and smile. My little babies are growing up too fast. I place my heels and clutch on the floor near the door and they pull my hands leading me to the living room. Chinyama is sitting on the one of the sofas when we walk into the living room.

“Daddy, mummy is home.” Kazhika screams

Said daddy looks at me and I give him a weak smile. Yes. The children keep us civil and in communication. The children need to see us as a working dual, a working unit and they will not be affected by the drama Chinyama and I have revolving around us. I notice Chinyama looks refreshed in a white t-shirt, shorts and slippers; he probably had a shower after he got home. Surprising he’s home earlier tonight.

“Hey.” He says

“Hello.” I respond.

“Mummy come see.” Kakoma says loudly.

Kazhika and Kakoma lead me to the sofa opposite Chinyama and they proceed to take papers off the table showcasing their art skills. One trying to outdo the other. Twins are a handful. I try to concentrate on everything they are saying but my eyes keep wandering to Chinyama who is watching us with an amused face. Clearly the twins tried this stunt on him too and it failed. He probably told them to show me everything when I got home.

“Mummy. Mummy see.”

“Mummy look at mine.”

I don’t know whose to look at first. I see letters on some of the papers, weird looking shapes that I am assuming are animals. I almost laugh but manage to hold it back.

Definitely the perfect ending.

With my children looking at weird shapes they call animals.

I smile at them, praising them for their good work done as my mind wanders in thoughts of a Isaac.


I sigh for the umpteenth time and an amused Masulani laughs. I’m not happy. I think I am kinda angry with a pinch of disappointed.

“You need to stop drinking.” He says.

“Just one more.” I argue. “One more and whatever you decide I’m all yours.”

Another glass of whisky for him and I. I deserve to drink this tonight. Before I head home.

They couldn’t leave quickly enough. All of them. All of those not at the table right now.

But in the end they did, though not before Mr Wink man left me his card and personal number just in case. Just in case I changed my mind and decided he was worth a shot. Men. Masulani was amused by the act. And then it was the four of us around the table. I kept to my whiskey as the men talked and Mrs Chiti on her phone beaming widely at whatever she read on it, – probably researched on how to sleep with her husband after a trip. So I was alone in my thoughts.

My mood was ruined. The night seemed too long and when Mrs Chiti told all of us she was tired and wanted to go home, I expected Mr Forty to tell her to get the car and drive home. Expectations are definitely not reality. Reality hurts more. Reality just plain sucks. In reality Mr Forty did not do what I expected him to.


He stood up from his seat, pulled his wife’s chair back and helped her stand up. Ever the gentleman. They said their goodbyes and left hand in hand. I swear I saw her grab his bum. That ruined my mood even further. I was jealous of a wife getting her husband home for the night. How selfish and foolish of me.

All I had left was my drink.

And a very sober Masulani. Not so bad so far I think, a sober Masulani is good company; and he can’t leave me here alone because he is my ride home. So much for thinking Mr Forty would do the job himself. I hate him. I’m so done with him. Done with all men. No more.

“We need to get going soon.” Masulani says. “It’s getting late.”

Masulani and I are still in the restaurant, almost twenty-two hours and we are one of the few people in the restaurant still having drinks. Sitting barefoot next to a relaxed Masulani- no tie, top three shirt buttons unbuttoned, jacket off – is actually not a bad thing.

We sit and I sip the good whiskey as we discuss our future client. We both know we have won them over. All that’s left is for them to play hard to get and we shall have them signing the contact by Friday. Typical. Job well done. Masulani indicated it was because of my revealing dress that we had the client in the bag and I had laughed at him. He took it a step further and suggested that if I went to their offices tomorrow with the contract they would probably sign it right there and then. No questions asked. Just business and the commission would be good. Besides, I need the money. A good day of shopping will help me get out of this mood.

Maybe Masulani was right about my dress. Maybe he wasn’t. All I heard from his statement was that he noticed what I was wearing. Fascinating. Mrs Chiti’s words from the bathroom rang through my mind as I watched Masulani talk.

“I think he’s your type by the way.”

“When you two walked in gosh you looked amazing. Together that is. And he can’t stop staring at you love.”

“He keeps staring at you. I swear if you wanna forget that piece of shit ex of yours, then get Masulani.”

“I think Masulani should be… No. Must be great in bed.”

“Break the rules love. Are you telling me you’ve never broken the rules before?”

Now she has me thinking about him.

“We need to go.” Masulani says.

“You go. I’ll be good.”

“I’m not leaving you.”

“I’m drinking this as if I’m not working tomorrow.” I tell him

“We need to head home if we are going to wake up on time tomorrow.”

If I utter the words Mine or yours I wonder what he would say to me. Why am I thinking about this? Masulani is off limits. Single or not. I need to find me a fix. A proper fixer of a man that will get me out if this mess. Mr Wink man should do. That will get Mr Forty angry and begging me to be with him only.

The thought of Mr Forty begging has me smiling.

“You’re right.” I respond. “We need to go home.”


“How was dinner?”

I close the bedroom door, walk to the bed ignoring him. Chinyama sits at the foot of the bed watching me. He’s been waiting for this moment all night. To ask me about my night. Jealous? Or is he the caring husband? Who carea. I don’t need to tell him a thing.

The children are asleep, we don’t have to be civil when we are alone, it’s not as if the children have super through-the-wall kind of hearing. I’m not interested in being nice tonight, especially with him. I place my phone on my bedside table and head to the closet. I take my time changing into my pajamas, hoping by the time I go back to the bedroom Chinyama will be asleep. Instead I find him awake in the same position I left him in minutes ago. He watches me as I head to the bathroom next. He can’t wait forever, at some point he should get the hint and sleep. I close my eyes as I slowly wash my makeup off my face, gently scrubbing my face.

A huge smile breaks on my face as I think of dinner with Isaac. I’m still over the moon. Who would have thought I’d be this happy? For the first time in years I’m actually looking forward to waking up and seeing him again. Isaac promised we would meet before the week was up. At his house. Cook me dinner he had said. Wine and dine me. When ever has any man done the same for me? Not even Chinyama. Isaac is showing me what I’m missing and for the first time I find myself wanting more of what he’s offering me.

What is wrong with me? I am a wife. A mother. Chinyama will kill me if he finds out I lied to him; but would it be so bad? Getting divorced and getting my life together? Be with Isaac and be happy once again. I smile. I’m thinking about being with another man while my husband sits in the next room.

Guilty? No.

“Dinner must have been great judging from that smile.”

I almost scream in terror, opening my eyes with soap on my face. I cry as I feel the soap burn my eyes and I quicky close my eyes shut.

“I’m so sorry Mable. Here, let me help you.”

I feel his hand on my back as I reach for the faucet, bending slightly towards the sink. I feel warm water hit my face gently followed by a hand that wipes the water off. This goes on for a minute or so before I open my eyes.

“I’m sorry…” He says quickly.

“Thank you.” I respond just as fast cutting him off.

“Your eyes okay?” He asks, he leans in and looks at my eyes.

I nod but he does not lean back. He stares at my eyes a little longer as if fascinated by something he sees in them.

“I’m fine. A little soap never killed nobody.” I tell him.

Maybe it’s comforting to him because he nods, straightens and hands me a towel from the sink. I dry my face while he watches. It’s unnerving. Chinyama never does this. Watch me do something as if he cares. When I’m done he takes the towel from my hands and places it on the sink. What the hell does he want now? We stare at each other, brown eyes on brown eyes, waiting for someone to say something. It’s awkward. For us both.

“Goodnight.” I tell him.

I walk around him heading to the bedroom.

“I miss you Mable.” He says

I pause and turn around. He’s facing me, hands on his waist he sighs.

“I miss you.” He repeats. “You have no idea.”

I don’t answer him. I look at him and for a second I feel pity for him. I feel sadness for the damage to our marriage. He walks towards me, standing right in front of me. I don’t move away as I meet his gaze.

“I want us to talk.” He says.

“About what?”

“Everything. I need us to sit down and talk.”

“Not today.”

“But when?”

“I don’t know.”

“Please Mable, I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of being worried. I’m tired. Please let me in. This pretending is not taking us any where.”

I look at him, seeing his vulnerable side. The side he hides from me so well. Only Cynthia has seen more of it after all he loves her too. His hand touches my cheek and he kisses me.

It’s the butterflies in my stomach that make me stay. It’s the love I’ve had for him that lets him kiss me. It’s the fact that he’s the father of my children, the love of my life, the man who I sleep next to that lets me want more of the kiss.

“I’ve missed you Mable.” He says against my lips. “It’s been too long.”

And Cynthia? What has been too long?

“I feel like you’re starving me.” He continues. “Please let me in.”


That’s what I feel now. Numb. I can’t do this. Not now. Not yet. I put my hands on is chest and push him away softly. I look at him, take a deep breath.

“Go and see your Cynthia if you’re so starved.” I respond.

And I walk out of the bathroom. Tears threaten to fall down my cheeks. Did he seriously think I’d open my legs for him just like that. Even in my anger? Not today. Not tomorrow either.

I need space.

Maybe I need a divorce.


Mr Forty:
What did my wife say to you?

Mr Forty:
Why are you ignoring me?

Mr Forty:
You know I’ll make it up to you.
A trip maybe. Will that do?

Mr Forty:
Yolanda. Come on.
Please respond.

Mr Forty:
Are you home?

The secret to having an old man for a bed mate is having to know when to punish him. Mr Forty knew his wife was coming back today and he saw it fit to hide that fact from me. I smile. I will not get angry with him. That’s of no use. He will come back. Tomorrow he will be all over me. Keep them wanting.

“You have a beautiful home. Though you’re gonna have to forgive me but I think I broke your toilet.”

I turn around and see Masulani walking into the living room. Shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, hands in his dark pants pockets, the man looks too yummy for words in my home. Did he say he broke my toilet? Masulani asked to use the bathroom when we got to my place. It was the least I could do after he drove me home in my no car situation. I make a mental note to call the mechanic tomorrow about my car. I place my phone on the table making sure it’s front down.

I don’t need other people knowing about Mr Forty just yet.

“I’m sorry.” Masulani continues.

I shrug.

“Don’t worry about it. It acts up sometimes.” I respond.

“Tried to fix it though.” He says

So he’s a Mr Fix It I think. Fascinating. What else can he fix?

“Thank you.” I reply. “Can I offer you something?”

Our eyes meet and I know he’s deciding if staying is a good idea.

“I think I have some southern comfort and lime in this house.” I say.

“I think it’s too late to have one more drink.” He responds.

“Girlfriend gonna get angry if you stay out any longer?” I ask.

“You want to know about her?” He asks

“Well I wanted to know what would keep you away from a drink.” I respond. “Maybe the girlfriend has some strict rules on you.”

He grins. Not accepting or declining. If what Mrs Chiti said was true then the man is a single man who lied he was taken. Though why he lied beats me. It’s not like I threw myself at the man. Or maybe I should to see if he will accept the move or not.

“We can do this another time.” He says.

“On a day when we have no work the next day?” I ask.

“Yes. Best part about that is whatever hangover comes your way you can take the whole day to deal with it.”

I cock my head to the side and smile.

“Fine. If you say so.” I respond.

“Well, then I guess I gotta get going.” He says. “Tomorrow will be a long day.”

“But we are about to have one more client.”

He walks to the door, I walk behind him looking at his his back, imagining what it looks like underneath the white shirt. He opens the door and walks outside. I stand by the door and he turns around.

“Friday.” He says.

“What?” I ask

“This Friday. Drinks?”

I smile.

“Great.” I respond.


“And the girlfriend?”

He shrugs. “Well, I’m certain drinks with a colleague shouldn’t cause that much drama. ”

“It’s a date then.”

Masulani smiles and shakes his head.

“It’s a date then.” He says.

To be continued…


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  1. kpodji emmanuel says:

    Wow. Mrs chiti is really on a blind side. She thinks she married to an angel.😀

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  3. I meant James not Isaac


  4. I think Isaac, he seems calm and collected- with a lot of tolerance for Thandiwe’s tantrums… but the hand on the chin screams screams mystery, something I think Musulani is about.


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