Nkani: All That Glitters 13- Mind Over Heart


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Hey Beautiful..

Hey you.

You still out?
I might be heading out with a few friends.

That should be fun.
Where are you going?

Thinking Chicagos.
Or Misty’s. Or Keg.
Still deciding.

A night of whiskey and men talking about women?

Most likely but I will be thinking about you.

Making me all shy.
I refuse this.

Say that to my face.
Where are you?

I smile.

Hours later and it’s just Sampa and I sitting at our table in The Hideaway. Married Thandiwe had to go home after James showed up to pick her up at exactly twenty-two hours; her excuse? James was worried about her not getting enough rest in her pregnant state. Lucky her. I was envious of the attention she was getting from her husband. I wish Chinyama would show up and demand to take me home. If wishes were glasses of wine. Chef Sonia left with Thandiwe because she needed to get some rest if she was to be up early in the kitchen; and worried-over-Sangu Sampa didn’t feel like leaving me alone, bless her heart- all because Yolanda’s tendency to disappear is legendary- so Sampa stayed.

And I, Mable? I am in the happiest state of my life.

My husband is probably out with his mistress – Chunky Cynthia– so I’m fine drinking myself to death. I’m a happy drunk; I’m assuming Yolanda is drunk too, taking into account she’s talking to some delicious man at another table who seems more into grabbing her ass to keep it safe from falling. What a nice man. I turn my gaze onto Sampa, ever the conservative drinker, who knows how to handle her liquor well. Lucky her.

Or unlucky her?

Sampa seems to be busy with her phone, clicking away. Probably checking up on Sangu. The woman is barely drunk and all she wants to do is check on her man. He better be worth it. I look at my phone on the table and smile. Thank God I didn’t drive myself here. I don’t need to drive home, considering my drunk state that’s a good thing. I take a sip of wine as I read Isaac’s message. Gosh he’s complicating things. I don’t want to see him in a public place. He knows this and he is pushing it. What if someone I know sees us. Even worse what if someone who knows my husband sees us? Complicating things for nothing. It would not be good at all, Lusaka is full of big mouthed humans and I don’t want to give them the chance to ruin my marriage.

Sampa leans in close to my ears, The Hideway is now packed and the music is mellow enough to put me in the right mood.

“Mable.” Sampa says.

I turn to look at Sampa.

“Hey.” I slur

“I want to ask you something.”

“Ask away my darling.”

If this about Sangu, I will tell her to leave him. That man is making a fool out of friend. I do not like it one single bit.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?” Sampa asks.

“Which part?”

“The cheating on your husband part?”

Gosh. Sampa just can’t let it go. I see the worried look on her face. Ever goody goody. She needs to calm down. I should not have said anything earlier.

“Mable.” She repeats.

I am too drunk for such questions.


“My husband is cheating on me Sampa. What am I supposed to do?” I ask her

“Talk to him.”

“And say what? So hey are you cheating on me with Cynthia again?”

“If it gets him talking then yes.”

Gosh, if this is how she’s going to be when she gets married then she will have the shock of her life when she realises a man doesn’t care about how she feels. Wait, if this is how she is with Sangu now then she will be in tears before year end when she realises men keep things from us so that they don’t have to talk about it with us. Why should I break and deal with it? Talk to Chinyama again? About the same issue with the same woman? I don’t think I’m ready to deal with this now. Not today.

I shake my head.

“No. He won’t stop.” I tell her.

“Then talk to him. Why should you suffer?”

“It’s not that simple Sampa. It really isn’t. It’s the same woman, not some stranger my darling. He wants to cheat. So I let him cheat. And I do what I want?”

“Cheating won’t help you. It will ruin your family. Think of your kids.”

I blink. My children? They are my life. I do this for them. I am unhappy and I stay with that husband for them.

“I do. I have.” I respond.

“Chinyama loves you.”


“He promised he was done with her.”

“Right. That’s a man.”


“I don’t believe him.”

“Mable. You need to let the past go Hun. Let it all go. What if there is nothing going on and you are getting all paranoid for nothing?”

“I did wei. I let it all go. You know this.”

“But you are being vengeful now. You are angry and not showing it. Let it out, let him see it.”

“But he has Sampa.”

“Not this time. Do it one more time. Talk to him. Tonight. Right now. You might realise he is willing to listen if you give him a chance.”

“I’m not angry really. I’m okay. Let him do whatever he wants.”


“I love Chinyama so much, I do. He is the love of my life. But I’ve had it. He’s broken my heart too many times. I’m so over it.”

I feel tears in the back of my eyes. Shit. I’m about to cry. Getting all emotional over a stupid man who can’t seem to keep it in his pants. Sampa puts her arm around my shoulders. I exhale, biting my quivering lip.

“I don’t deserve this Sampa. I’m a good wife.”

“I know Mable.”

“I’ve done everything and he won’t change for me. He won’t..” I cry.

“It will be fine. Chinyama and you have been together for too long to lose sight of your marriage now.” Sampa says.

“Or maybe it’s over and we keep holding on for the kids. I’m so tired Sampa. I’m tired of being hurt.” I tell her. “I’m so done.”

“Don’t say that.”

“I’m a mess. You have no idea.”

“Then call him. Right now. Send him a message and tell him where you are. You two need to talk it out. Now.”

“No Sampa. I’ve had enough. You know I’ve reached the point where….”

I stop myself before I say too much. It’s not necessary to tell Sampa everything if nothing much has really happened. I can’t tell her about Isaac. She won’t be able to handle this. Not yet. I drink my wine, fighting back my unshed tears and look around the bar.

I wish it was that simple to be honest but it’s not. It’s hard. I’m dealing with the situation the best way I know how. I gulp my drink and order for another round. At this rate I’ll be gone, blacked out. Sampa looks at me with pity in her eyes. As if it matters. I pick up my phone and read Isaac’s message. Chinyama is happy with someone else right. So I should be happy too. What would be the harm in calling him and telling him where I am. He could come over to say hi. To talk. No kissing. No touching. Simple right.

Or should I listen to Sampa and call my husband right now. What do I do if he says he’s busy or if he doesn’t show up? Cry some more? Drink? What.

What now?

Isaac or Chinyama?

I quickly type my message before I change my mind.

I miss you
I’m at The Hideaway.
I would like to see you.

There. Done. All I gotta do is wait and drink.

I think I should order a bottle.


The music is too loud, or is it too slow for sober people like me? People are mingling. The hideaway definitely lives up to its reputation, fun away from home where no one can see you. Yolanda is getting a free drink from an old friend who thinks her backside is heaven and Mable is drunk – or bordering on it. I do not understand why she is still out at this time of night when she’s not into night life.

It’s almost twenty-three and she’s over the moon in red wine. I have no idea how many glasses she’s had. Probably bottles by now. Looking at her now I think I should drive her home before she blacks out in this place. Is this what happens when you find out your husband is cheating on you? Go off the bender and still pretend everything is fine?

Chinyama caused all this, and it’s not only about the cheating but it’s also about how he’s treated Mable so far. Who puts sex on a calender? Madness that is. For all these years, Mable has been an amazing wife to him, an amazing mother to their children but it is never enough anyway, she’s and amazing person with a good heart and I know if she met a man who loves her right then that would be a lucky man. Chinyama loves her. He just needs a little reminder that he has amazing in his life and he doesn’t need second best.

I watch Mable smiling at something she reads off her phone. Whoever is she texting? If she is thinking about cheating on Chinyama does that mean she already has someone in mind? Did she already meet someone? When? Does she have time to cheat? Does she have time for another man and his needs? Thinking about Mable cheating on Chinyama makes me uncomfortable. I know Mable loves her husband too much to cheat. He is her life. And besides, she knows cheating on him won’t stop the hurt. It won’t change the situation at home. No. Mable is not cheating. After almost eleven years of marriage why would she cheat now?

I need to take her home now before she meets a man in this place to help her nightmare before reality. Not cheating on my watch.

I should be in bed resting right now with a very happy Sangu beside me. Where is Sangu anyway? He has not called me to tell me he’s home meaning he is still with his mother. I do not know why he’s become so distant if he says she’s doing much better. Gosh men are so complicated. They are like children.

The crowd cheers when a trending song comes on. This is not my scene. Without Sonia and Thandiwe here I am practically bored. I just wish Mable would tell me she wants to go home so that we can go home. Now.

“Don’t you feel like going home?” I ask Mable.

Mable smiles and shakes her head.

“No. Drink. Drink. Drink.” She laughs.

“Come on Mable.”

Even in her almost drunk state I think she looks beautiful. Her hair is all messy, strands of her weave falling around her face. She shakes her head vigorously and smiles at me.

“No. We both have no men waiting for us at home.” She responds.

“I have a bed.”

“Your bed is a man? Oh my gosh. Must be nice.”

She’s mocking me. She has time to mock me. She is truly in the happiest mood ever. Lucky her.

“Live a little Sampa. I am actually enjoying this. You should be taking a glass of wine and enjoying yourself mami.”

“I am driving remember.”

“Still. Have one more glass at least.” She suggests. “Just one please and we can go. Or you can go.”

I can’t leave her like this. Not now. Maybe I should call Chinyama and tell him to pick her up. Mable won’t want to leave this place any time soon but she will kill me if she finds out I called him. Gosh. I just have to stay here.

“Fine. Just one glass.” I smile.

“Yesss” Mable says happily, clapping her hands. “Waiter!”


I laugh at something the man says – definitely not listening to him. Fake laughs all the way. All for a free drink. My payment in let you touch my booty seems to be enough for him. The man seems to think my booty is a gift to mankind. His hand keeps sliding from my waist to my booty every few minutes as if to prove it’s real. I lean in and kiss his cheek. I know this man is someone’s man and he definitely knows how to treat a lady but I am not interested in someone’s man tonight.

I whisper my goodbye and walk away from him with a second glass of triple shot whiskey in my hand. Bonus. I walk back to the table where Sampa and Mable are. They look at me when I sit down. Are they judging me? Sampa makes a nod in Mable’s direction. Mable is so gone, a huge smile plastered on her face as if the world is perfect. Good for her. Sampa looks like she does not want to be here anymore. I swear she needs to chill, it’s a Friday and the music is just right. I want to dance, undress and have fun. I need to smoke first. I reach for my handbag and take out my box of cigarettes and my purple lighter. Gotta fill the craving. Right now.

“I’ll be right back ladies. Gotta smoke.” I tell Sampa.

I stand up and walk towards the exit of The Hideaway when I notice his eyes on me. He stands beside a table a few steps ahead of me. Talk and dark immediately comes to mind. Even though the lights are dim I can tell his eyes are looking at me, taking me in. I take in his dark thick jersey, dark jeans and…. Wait a minute I think. Timberland boots? People still wear those? Interesting. Old school. Nice. Nothing stops the smile from spreading on my face. He does not smile. He rarely smiles at me. I am surprised the man knows The Hideaway exists. I wish I had gone home to change into something sexier than my dark chinos, shirt and heels. If only I had known. My need to smoke forgotten I walk up towards him.

Hand outstretched, his name on the tip of my tongue. I keep smiling at him. I know he’s probably pissed off I’m here too. I’ve never seen the man outside of the office. Never seen him in anything other than a suit. Didn’t know he looked so… so yummy out of it and in casual wear, the jeans emphasise his height, so tall as compared to Mr Forty. I definitely like this one. I wonder what Mr Forty would say if he could read my thoughts. Would he blame me though. The specimen in front of me is just too much. A man. If he hugged me I’m sure he’s scent would be a manly scent. The weekend is definitely looking up.

“Yolanda.” He drawls when I’m close enough. “Pleasure meeting you here.”

Either I’m drunk or the way he just said my name signaled he was flirting with me. Definitely drunk. I stand close to him, even in my heels he’s still taller than me by some inches. What would I do if I kissed him? Would he kiss me back or would he push me away. The tyrant has me having dirty thoughts.

“Masulani.” I smile. “Mr Jere, hello. Surprising that you’re here.”

“I’m usually here.”

“Here? Are you sure you know where you are?”

“I love this place. Usually here most Fridays. If not then Saturdays.” He responds. “I’m a jazz man.”

“Explains the seriousness.” I say.


“Explains the concentration. You know, in the office.”

The corner of his lips bend. Is that a smile? I’m that good. Awww he’s been smiling around me these days, ever since he gave me a ride home. Still the rude fellow but at least he seems a little less mean. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s offered to drive me home twice but I managed to turn him down.

“Here alone?” He asks looking behind me.

Typical of men. Always wanting to know if there is competition near by.

“Nope. Here with my besties. Ladies night out. That sort of thing.”

“Great. Come.”

I step in closer, his hand on my back he turns around to table near him. I notice five men sitting around the table and he introduces them to me as his friends. The man has friends!Β Shocking. What else is he hiding from me? I give them my best smile and his friends, jovial like a pack of puppies greet me.

“You’re beautiful. Are you single?” Asks one of them who Masulani introduces to me as Stanley .

“Depends on who is asking.” I respond.

“I am asking. Are you single?” He asks again.

I laugh and brush off the question without an answer. No need to explain things to strangers. It’s complicated.

“A chair for the lady.” One the men called Peter says to me.

“Let the lady be.” Masulani says.

“We can’t let the woman stand forever.” Peter responds.

“”For fuck sake. Let her be. She’s a busy woman.” Masulani says.

Ahhh the tyrant can curse. How nice. I smile at Peter and decline. I need to smoke and get back to Sampa and Mable. Masulani shakes his head clearly amused with his friend’s reactions. He seems be in his element with his friends. Relaxed. Happy sort of. Fascinating. Never thought this side of him existed. Guess what I see in the office is always never enough. If only.

“Well maybe we can convince her to stay.” Stanley says.

“I wish I could but I have to go. My friends are waiting for me.” I tell him.

“Will you be back?” Stanley guy asks me.

“Ignore him.” Masulani says before I do.

“Maybe.” I tell Stanley, clearly ignoring Masulani’s advice.

“Oh come on. Make a man’s day. If not mine then make his day.” Stanley says, pointing in Masulani’s direction. “Or night. Who knows.”

Did this man just pimp his friend out to me? Why does the thought of it make me smile? If only the man in question was interested in having his day made by me. If wishes were kisses.

“His?” I ask.

“He’s a good guy. I can vouch for him.” Stanley laughs. “A little serious about a very good guy.” Stanley shrugs.

“Are you kidding me?” Masulani laughs.

“Make a man’s night.” Stanley smiles.

“Maybe.” I respond.

“See Mas, you still have a chance. Am I right Yolanda?” He asks me

“Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not.” I respond.

I let that hang in the air. Maybe. Maybe not.

“Maybe again. What does my brother have to do to get you to stay?” He asks..

Cut me some slack at the office? Say good morning to me everyday? How about driving me home tonight? Or maybe buy me a drink. But I don’t say the words. The guys including the pimped out man are looking at me waiting for my answer.

“Well if I told you then I’d make it easy for him.” I tell them. “He has to work hard to figure it out.”

“I like you.” Stanley says. “I like you a a lot. Hey Mas, this one is a beauty. Smart too.”

What the hell is he talking about I wonder. I look at Masulani and I can tell from the look on his face that he is clearly not happy with what his friend “brother” just said. Now I want to hear more.

“Maybe I will come back.” I tell Stanley. “Keep a seat for me.”

“You don’t have to listen to him.” Masulani says beside me. “Besides aren’t your friends waiting for you?”

“You want me to leave?” I ask him

He looks at me and then for the first time his lips break into a full blown smile. So he does look kinda perfect when he smiles I think. Now I want to sit down with him and his friends for the remainder of the evening.

Things just got interesting for me.


“Some marriages have it easy. Others have it hard.”

I look at James and sigh. We are home in bed with me facing James while he reads his novel. I can’t stop thinking about Mable and her situation. What she said earlier got to me. What if I get to that point? It is bad enough my feelings are a mess when it comes to my husband but Mable loves her husband to death and look at her now, thinking that cheating on him would solve her aching heart problems. I can’t believe she has to go through such problems and at such a young age.

“Don’t worry.” James continues

“Well that won’t stop me from worrying about the issue.” I respond.

“You want to stress all night?”

“She’s my friend James.” I respond

“And your friend Mable will be fine. I am certain Chinyama is not tripping in any way.” He continues without looking at me.

He would know; after all they are sort of friends because of Mable and I. What if he does know the truth and he doesn’t want to tell me. Bro code kind of thing. But he’s my husband so the bro code shouldn’t apply before me.

“Do you know anything?” I ask him.

He looks at me bewildered and then he laughs.

“What? What could I possibly know?”

“Oh come on James. Is he cheating on her or not? Why is he still in contact with Cynthia?” I ask.

“Cynthia?” He asks calmly.

Too calm for my liking.

“His mistress. She’s back. What do you know James?”

“I know nothing about Chinyama and Cynthia and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you.” He responds. “I’m not gonna participate in their drama.”

“Oh? Are you sure?”


He looks at me shakes his head and gets off the bed.

“Don’t use that emotional blackmail on me. I know nothing. Babe am I gonna get punished for another man’s crimes tonight?” He asks.

“Maybe.” I tell him.

He laughs and walks to the bathroom en suite. If James knew anything he would tell me. This is what we women have to go through. Praying and hoping our men don’t cheat on us. It is bad enough that we need to get married before life passes us by but to also have to deal with sharing a man is a thought not even I want to deal with.

Poor Mable. I really wish I could help her.


It’s the sight of him that gets me excited. I do not understand why he would make me so excited. That wine I had has surely done a number on me. I want to run into his arms, have his arms around me but I do not do what my mind wants. He walks in as if he’s uncertain of where he is. For a few seconds he stands by the door and looks around. I do not stand up. I remain in my seat looking at the man in a white shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows and dark pants.

He looks so out of place. He smiles at a waitress and walks in.

I’m afraid that if I stand up I might just find out how drunk I am. I watch him walk to the bar, I can’t help but stare at him. Thank God Sampa is not around to see this, me drooling over a man. Who can blame me, the man looks good enough to jump on.

It’s a really good thing Sampa isn’t here. She had to leave because Sangu “finally” called. She wanted to see him and I didn’t want to go home. So I stayed. Besides I was waiting for someone after all. And I got something better. He turns and notices me then. I notice the look of surprise on his face before he walks towards my table. It hits me then that he came here just for me. This handsome man is here for me. He wants to be here with me. He made time for me and in this moment I feel special. Needed. I laugh, alone, with myself, at myself. Bliss. Pure and true.

“Hi.” He says as he sits down on the seat Sampa was on minutes ago.

I lean in closer to him and kiss his cheek. He smells heavenly. What the hell is the time I wonder. Time to put me to bed.

“Where are the ladies?” He asks.

“Yolanda is with a friend or workmate I think. But i know she’s somewhere around here. The others have gone home.” I respond, looking around for Yolanda’s familiar face.

“And you’re alone. They left you alone?”

“Are you angry they did?” I ask.

“It’s not safe for you Mable. ”

“I’m fine. And they have lives. Husbands and stuff. Besides I was still enjoying my wine.”

“How many have you had? Glasses…”

“Enough.” I hiccup.

“Are you okay?”

“That depends.” I laugh


“My level of intoxication. I think I had a little too much to drink.” I laugh again.

He shakes his head and signals for a waiter. He orders for a glass of whiskey for himself and a bottle of water for me. I groan in protest but he ignores me.

“I don’t want water.”

“And yet you’re still here drinking more wine?” He asks. “How bad is it?”


He points to the half glass of wine on the table.

“It’s good. Gets the job done. I don’t think I’m ready to stand up just yet.”

He smiles. A waiter places a glass of whiskey on the table in front of him and a bottle of water in next to my glass of wine. I notice him relax. Was something wrong? We stay silent for a moment. Each person in their thoughts, mine stuck on knowing today might be the best weekend of the month or maybe the year. The greatest mistake I ever made might just make my night amazing after all. He leans in, his lips close to my ear.

“You look beautiful.” He says. “The dress does not do you justice. Those pictures you sent me? Horrible! This is better.”

I sit back and look at him. A compliment from a handsome man. I’ll take it to go I think.

“Thank you.” I respond shyly.

“I would love to take you home.” He says. “But I won’t pass up this chance to be with a beautiful woman on a date.”

“Oh now this is a date?” I ask him playfully.

“You asked me to join you right? So yeah. It’s a date.”

“I like the sound of that.” I smile.

“You look handsome as always.”

“Well I am dressed by the best.” He laughs.


“Since we are gonna be here for a while and you obviously won’t drink that water, do you want more wine?”

“You’re so carrying me out of this place.”

“Do I have a choice?”


“So another glass of wine?”

“Sure. Does that come with something else?”

“You’re definitely drunk Mable.”

He comes in closer, his face close to mine and he kisses me.

Definitely the best weekend ever.


I find Sangu in the living room watching television. His legs stretched out in front of him. He looks tired.


He turns and smiles.

“You’re home late.”

“Uh huh.”

I take off my heels and walk towards him. I sit down next to him, he places his arm around my shoulders pulling me in closer. We watch the news on the television. Death everywhere in the world. Never good news.

“How are the ladies?” He asks

“They are good. Healthy.” I respond.

“That’s great. Hope you guys had fun.”

“We did. It was nice. Though I left Mable and Yolanda there.”

He looks at me from the corner of his eyes.

“Mable is still out?”

“Yes. Something about not wanting to go home.”

“Problems at home?”

“Something like that. But you know Mable, she will fix the mess soon enough and it will be perfect again.”

We keep silent for a few minutes, as we watch more death on the television. But my mind is elsewhere. I keep thinking about how lucky I am. I know every relationship has issues some worse than others, and looking at my ladies lives knowing what each of them is facing makes me grateful that I’m not really dealing with a man I do not really love, a cheating boyfriend or a racist mother. I might have my drama but it beats everything else. Sangu being here with me means his mother knows this is his choice.

“Hows your mom feeling? That’s why you’re home late?”

He doesn’t respond for some seconds.

“She’s great.” He says finally. “Perfect.”

“Awesome. That’s great.”

“Uh huh.”

I sit up abruptly his han falling to his side, I get on my knees beside him and kiss his cheek. He looks at me surprised.

“What was that for?” He asks

“For being you. Thank you. I love you.”

“I love you too Sampa.” He says. “I love you so much.”

His shoulders slump, his eyes look away from mine facing downwards to the sofa. I think nothing of it. I know he’s tired. We both are.

“Let’s go to be bed. It’s past twenty-four.” I tell him.

“You go. I’ll be there soon.”


I kiss his cheek again and get off the sofa. I pick my shoes off the floor by the doorway and head to our bedroom.


It’s the music.

It must be the music. Or it could be the way the place it set up. Getting me in the mood for more. I need to go home. Soon. Soon after I’m done having fun. I look at the dimmed lights, glass made chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, this place should have been called the glass bar or something considering their beautifully glass themed designed walls. It just adds to the way I’m feeling. Transparent to everything. Masulani definitely made a good choice in bringing us to Empire Rouge.

I am in such a good mood. With the night I’m having, it’s clear to see why I’m in a good mood. The only thing missing is ending the night with a good smoking session and then put me to bed session not necessarily in that order. It must be the music.

Masulani and I are sitting next to each other on one of the comfortable sofas in the restaurant, a huge glass wall in front of us overlooking the lit up city of Lusaka. Absolutely beautiful. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable sitting with Masulani alone but it’s not. It’s actually nice having someone to drink with who isn’t my friend or Mr Forty.

Masulani had no issues with taking our party elsewhere because he somehow found himself alone at the end of the night. Some of his friends he was with in The Hideaway suddenly decided they had “things” to do. More like women to do and I am not judging.

Masulani then decided he wanted to leave and of course he asked if my friends and I wanted to join Stanley and him. The offer was too good to deny. Mable seemed too happy to leave when I asked her. She drunk happy. I was happy for her when I noticed she was talking to a man at our table whose face I couldn’t see. I didn’t want to disturb them so I only got the chance to speak to her when he went to the bathroom, but even though I didn’t see who he was clearly before, I did notice she looked happy. I couldn’t blame her for finding her smile from someone else, after all her husband is cheating on her. I didn’t think she meant the revenge part. But I won’t judge her or blame her. So long as she’s happy I’ll support her.

I left Mable to her happiness and because I had no car, I found myself in Masulani’s car as his passenger. Just us two. And we got to talking about office stuff as he drove us to Empire Rogue. I found out the man was a gentleman. He opened the door for me, had his hand on my back as we walked up the stairs to the restaurant. He literally held my hand to help me find my ass to the seat. We sat the two of us till Stanley joined us. It was then that I found out Stanley was his younger brother and the rest of the guys had been friends with him since high school. I noticed their bond and to be honest it reminded me of my ladies. Stanley was a sweetheart even though I found out he was “single” with a child on the way. I didn’t ask any more of his singlehood. Plus I guess he asked the questions Masulani would never ask from my age to my marital status.

Masulani pretended to listen or really enjoyed his drink a little too much. It was fascinating and Stanley kept at it, making jokes out of everything I told him till he left; and then it was Masulani and I again.

“Need another glass?”

I look at Masulani and nod. Masulani stands up from the sofa and walks to the bar, talks to a waiter before he turns and heads in the direction of the restaurant exit. A waiter shows shortly up with a fresh glass of whisky as I take my phone out my bag. I notice missed calls and unread messages.

Mr Forty. All from Forty. Clingy much I wonder.

Mr Forty:
Hey are you free?
Want to see you.

Mr Forty:
The wife is out tonight

Mr Forty:
Are you busy?

Mr Forty:
Where are you?
Not responding up to now.

Mr Forty:
Are you you okay?
Call me.

Mr Forty:
I guess you’re asleep.



I didn’t think he would want to see me. It’s too late to respond now. I’ll just have to respond later.

“Everything okay?”

Masulani sits down next to me and I nod quickly as I put my phone back in my bag.

“Just catching up on texts. And missed calls.”

“Boyfriend bothering you at this time?” He asks.

I laugh. Even though I told Stanley I was single right in front of him, he obviously didn’t believe me. He wants to hear me say it again. I won’t give him the satisfaction.

“Shouldn’t you be in his arms right now? Comforting him?”

He’s doing this deliberately. He wants me to tell him I’m single and alone. He wants something. Why beat around the bush? Men.

“Well he can have a pillow then.” I laugh.

“So he exists?”

“No. Like I told Stanley I’m single. No man waiting for me at home. Just my beautiful bed and pillows.”

Masulani smiles. Happy now?

“You know I should be asking you if your wife will stalk me for keeping you out up to now.” I tell him.

He looks at me surprised. No one at the office knows if he’s married or not. No one. I might as well push him into a corner and find out if my senior boss and supervisor is married.

“Well if I had a wife she would definitely be angry.” He responds. “This would be unacceptable.”

He looks at me waiting for my response. He knows I wanted to know hence the silly response. Either way it tells me he is not married. So he’s single I think but then he could be dating some hot lady with a twenty-five inch Peruvian weave out there. Men like him don’t come single.

“It isn’t?” I ask

“It isn’t.”

“So men don’t do what they want when they want?”

“No. Only before they get married.” He laughs.

“So you’re living out your night life before you cuff her?” I ask.

He smirks. “You could say that.”

I don’t know why but I feel a sense of loss from his statement. He obviously has a nice girlfriend waiting on him. Gosh if only he was single then maybe I would play with this fine specimen, but he’s my supervisor and he just implied he’s with someone. Off limits. How disappointing. I mean a man being in a relationship never stopped me from getting what I want; so if I really want to try him out I wouldn’t care about his lady. But for some reason I do care. He’s never been flirty with me or overly nice. The man had kept his distance plus I still don’t know much about him anyway. So he’s off my sample list. Lucky him.

Unlucky me.

“You okay?” He asks


“You seem be lost in thought.”

I smile and lift my glass from the table in front of me.

No more flirting with this taken man. No more extra smiles and lifts home. Nothing. Just work and no fun for my tyrant starting now. I meet his gaze and shake my head.

“I was thinking about the office..” I start. “So please remind me which client declined our designs again…”

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To be continued…..


11 Comments Add yours

  1. verojanuary says:

    I’m falling in friendship with Masulani 😁😁 Loving the conversation with Yolanda. Good stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms Nkani says:

      Yayyyy. I like him too. We shall see what will happen


  2. MKT says:

    Wonderful read…. so many thoughts….
    As much as Mable’s actions are justified, I fear she wont be handling the consequences well, with the “Estelle” name change we shall see…

    Yoli, dare I say I saw this coming wondering if the tyranny extends to the bedroom……..

    Sangu mmmmh this very sick has me worried mother is suddenly great & perfect!!! yeah Sampa I worry for you

    I think Thandi needs to get out of her feelings and see the bigger picture but hey when a girl is stuck even her eyes are blinded


  3. gracelarbi says:

    What seems to be, what is and what is not…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms Nkani says:

      Don’t get lost, there is so much more coming πŸ”₯


  4. heyanci says:

    I have FOMO…I have been refreshing this site so I won’t miss 14 ..I want more

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms Nkani says:

      I’ll tag you on Twitter when I post 😊


  5. Elise says:

    Wait! first of all, Cynthia is chunky?? And Chinyama has the nerve to body shame Mable?! I will not take this!! Hahaha! Mable, I know I was in favour of you cheating cos you were being cheated on, but now that it’s actually gotten to it, I don’t really think it’s a good idea! I hope Isaac is a good enough gentleman to not take advantage of a drunk woman. Again, I really think you should start working. Start picking up yourself out of Chinyama’s life!

    Sampa, Sampa, Sampa! I don’t trust this Sangu anymore :/…. I have a feeling his grown adult ass is listening to his mother and making babies with the ex. But anyways, it could also be the work stress? Doctors are so stressed… so maybe?

    Now Yoli! Please lets figure out how to get rid of Mr. Forty. If we’re planning to do Masulani, we can’t be doing Mr. Forty too? Let’s go back to being a ‘one man’ woman? Please? Oh and I like Masulani. I approve. πŸ˜›

    Okaaay Now Thandi… I hope you manage to fall in love with your man. I believe love is a decision we make. And sometimes, it’s worth a big risk! So go for it, girl!

    Now Miss Nkani… I really hope it’s not Yoli dying in the previous chapter? Did Mutale bring his dirty self back? Or is it Ian and Sonia?? Please come and finiiiishhh
    ❀ ❀ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms Nkani says:

      These points. I love them.
      You just have to wait and see the drama… omggggg

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Teddy says:

    Wow wow wow

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms Nkani says:

      What what what 😊


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