Nkani – Pick Your Poison (Chapter 18)

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There are moments in my life that truly defined the person I am today. The day my mother left my cheating father; the day my father married his mistress; the days I met my best friends; the day I met Kachiza and today. The day Samantha saw it fit to send me this message.



Hello Gemima. Samantha here. I’m sure you are so busy with the wedding plans. But I would love to talk to you. It’s about Kachiza and I.


I read her message again. I should have responded but then again that would mean I am encouraging her to meddle in my life. What can she possibly want to tell me about Kachiza. I know she didn’t mention Kachiza alone, but “Kachiza and I.” What does that even mean? Did something happen that I didn’t know about? Was she trying to make me angry? I didn’t know a thing. All I do know is I have to talk to Kachiza as soon as possible and ask him what Samantha is on about. I read her message again and put my phone on the table in front of me.

The ladies are laughing around me talking about something Salome did months ago. Should I tell them about the message? They will flip out. Even worse Salome might decide to go and face Samantha. I will not tell them. I will let this pass. We are home, in the living room getting our hair done. A hairdresser for each bridesmaid. I have a surprise for the ladies in the evening after our hair is done. I am sure they will love what I have in store for them. It’s been a beautiful day, our nails look absolutely perfect. Each bridesmaid’s nails look beautiful in their own shade of nude while my nails look almost natural – sort of real without colour except my ring finger that is covered in shiny glass like beads of some sort. The ladies decided my ring finger should be unique – for the groom to place the ring on the right finger Salome had said – while the rest of my nails looked natural. I must say the result is awesome. And for our hair we decided on Peruvian weaves, mine being the longest of course. I know by the time the hairdressers are done we shall look beautiful. I can’t wait.

I’m certain mum is almost done with the last minute details by now. I hope she’s collected the bouquets for me and my bridesmaids. I know the our dresses for the church service and reception are in my room, together with our heels. Just a few more hours and I’ll be getting married. I can’t wait for the day to start and end. I will be a Mrs. Oh my gosh. Even if I am calm right now, inside I’m a nervous wreck. I’m scared and happy at the same time. My time is here. I look at my ladies and smile to myself. Where would I be without them? Gosh what would I have done without them? They have helped me in more ways than one and not just coming through for my wedding but in other ways over the years. The least I can do is thank them for being there for me and standing by my side through it all. So I do hope they love the surprise I have in store for them.

I am so happy.

But nothing can stop my mind from going back to Samantha’s message. Why do I feel as if there is something seriously wrong. Is that why Kachiza has been acting weird since yesterday? Is it because of Samantha? But he told me they were not in communication anymore so obviously it is not about her. Then what does Samantha want to tell me. Maybe she thinks I do not know about the O’Hagans story. Maybe she wants to come clean about that. Wasting time. Kachiza tells me everything. Whatever she has to say can wait. But what if… I push the feeling away, I’m being paranoid now. I should be positive about everything. Now will go wrong. I hear my phone ring and I curse under my breath as I reach out for it, if it is Samantha I will…


Hey girl, iwe (You) I came to your flat and I was told you moved out. Where are you? Wanted to see you.


What the hell does Juliet want now. One would think we are close friends but we are not. What can she possibly want from me the day before my own wedding.


Ninshi (What). Why do want to see me. Something wrong


Awei naiwei (No even you)… Calm down. Wanted to see you Che. Something I need to talk to you about. Ahhh kulivaso na friendship (Is there such a thin with friendship). Uliku (Where are you?).


I swear I hate this. Can’t she tell me after the wedding. This lady and her need for drama. Anyway if she thinks it’s important then cool.


I’m at mums house. Makeni.


Bushe kuli abantu ku ng’anda? (Are there people at home) Can I land?


Yep. The house is packed. My wedding is tomorrow remember. Come over, you’ll find us. I am sure Mom would love to see you. Gotta go. Later.


Cool. can’t wait to see you.


Why can’t I shake the feeling that something will define the way I see things today.


“I swear Salome you have always been the weird one among the four of us.” Chibwe says. “The things you do, how are you still here with us?”

“Well because look at me. I’m like the sweetest. But that’s how friendship is. See it like this. Monde is the rational one. The go to girl when you have problems. She offer advice that makes sense. I don’t know it always does.” Salome says as she looks at me. “You Chibwe are the serious type. Gosh you’re serious through everything. There is no joking with you. You are so stiff sometimes but I love you.”

“I love you too.” Chibwe says

“Gemima is the diva. I know you hate hearing that.” Salome says as she looks at Gemima. “But she is the diva. Heels everyday. All day. Making sure everything is on point. Red heels go with a red bag and black suit. Diva. So that leaves me. The crazy one. The one that makes you guys laugh. Ya’ll would be bored without me.”

“I agree.” Gemima responds. “Because who else among us would get caught cheating and live to tell the story.”

“You are special.” I tell Salome.

“Well I do try hey.” She responds.

I laugh. Well that is true. Only Salome can get away with almost anything scot-free and still keep the hickies in plain view for the world to see. I can imagine how she’s feeling on the inside while she shows us her brave face. She’s strong. But then again isn’t that what I do as well, hide my feelings and deal with them alone and pretend I’m okay. I’m doing that right now too. Ignoring the problem I have with Noah. But then again what good will stressing do? He could be with her right now if he wants. What can I do to change that. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and I take it out and look at it. Speak of the devil. Noah. Do I pick up or not? I am still angry but I can’t bring myself to ignore him. Is this what marriage means? Failing to ignore your husband. No silent treatment. Knowing Noah, he wants to know if the baby is fine. It’s his fault I’m under so much stress. No going back now I think I as I pick up the call.

“Hello.” I say slowly.

“Babe… Monde, how are you?” He asks

I whisper to the hairdresser plaiting my hair that I have to go and I stand up from my seat and leave the living room, heading to Gemima’s bedroom.

“I can hear the ladies. You seem to be having fun. Is everything okay?” He asks.

“What do you want?” I ask as soon as I reach the bedroom.

I hear him sigh. Is he as stressed out as me or he’s stressed out because he got caught. With men one never knows the truth.

“Monde… I’m only checking up on you. That’s it. Are you okay? Is the baby okay?”

See. Probably using the baby as basis for checking up on me.

“We are fine.” I respond.

“Can I come by to see you in the evening before I head home?”

“You won’t be going to see Plumber?”

I close my eyes and shake my head. Why the hell did I say that. Uncalled for on my part. The words left my mouth before I could stop them. Shit. Noah doesn’t say a thing. I can hear him breathing at the end of the line but he doesn’t hang up on me. That’s a good sign right. Is he angry? Or maybe he is wiling to let me talk and say anything about it. Isn’t that what guilty people do? They let you say anything just so long as you stay with them? Then why do I feel guilty for saying that?

“I’m sorry.” I say

“It’s okay. You’re angry and I understand that. That’s why I want to see you. To explain. I want to come clean.”

“Why? Plumber has allowed you to tell me the truth?”

“Can I see you tonight? I’ll drive over and we can talk. I’ll tell you everything. I just don’t want to lose you Monde.”

“No.” I respond. “I need time to process this. You can’t demand an audience now. I asked you last night to tell me but you chose silence.”

“I had to do that Monde. Come on. I had to. When I tell you everything you will understand.”

Isn’t that good enough? For me to finally know the truth. But why didn’t he want to tell me the truth last night. He wanted to think about it first and decide which version would be good for me? No thank you. I won’t listen to him.

“No.” I tell him. “I don’t want to hear it. Your version of the truth.”

“It’s not my version Monde. It’s the only version there is. Please baby. I swear you will understand.”

I will understand? What exactly? Which part? The part where she says she loves him? The part where she has enough balls to leave lipstick on his shirt obviously for me to find out. I don’t want to understand a thing.

“No. How do you expect me to understand? Noah. Surely you can’t think I’ll forgive you just like that. It’s not going to happen.”

“Baby listen. I will come over.”

“I don’t know why you asked if you were going to go against my answer then.” I respond.

“What I did yesterday was save a huge mess from erupting too soon. Baby, we can talk and if you still hate me then fine. I’ll leave. I’ll let you be. How’s that?”


“So I’ll be leaving work in two hours or so. I should be there at nineteen. I’ll call you when I’m there.”


“Baby I love you.”


I love him too but I don’t date utter the words, instead I simply cut the call. Why does he think he can explain this situation to me. It doesn’t make sense.

What the hell is Noah hiding? What is the truth?


I am too excited.

It’s bad to be this excited. Gosh. I’m literally counting down hours to when I’ll call Tawanda. I know he knocks off at seventeen, which is almost one hour and half away. Plus I know it will take time for him to get home, what with traffic. So he should be home by eighteen or eighteen thirty. And I know he has to exercise first, take a shower and then have dinner, so that’s another one hour and thirty minutes tops. The hairdresser pricks skin with her needle and I wince. That will draw blood. If I had been in a bad mood I would have flipped but I’m not. I’m calm. I can’t let anything else destroy this mood I’m on. I feel hopeful. Not even Mukuka and his never ending messages can change my mood. I know he senses something is wrong that’s why he keeps asking if he can see me tonight. I’m done responding. I will not tolerate his questions and stories today. I need to concentrate at task at hand.

Getting Tawanda back.

Monde walks into the livingroom and sits on her chair. Her hairdresser continues where she left off sewing the hair in. Gemima looks lost in thought. Must be wedding stress. Muzinga who has not been participating in our conversation is on her phone as is Chibwe who is smiling bright like a little girl who just discovered ice cream is ice, creamy and sweet. She can’t stop clicking away on her phone. I’m happy she’s happy, I haven’t seen her like this in a while. A while being years. Probably the last time I saw Chibwe smiling like this was at UNZA when she still had Patrick in her life. Oh my. Patrick is probably the guy who is making her smile so brightly. They will probably get back together and make it work. After all, they already have a child together, a proof of their passion and love for each other.

What would it be like for me to be a mother? Who would be the father? Mukuka the irresponsible and undecided or Tawanda the serious and I wanna build a family type of man. Or maybe will it be with another man who I’m yet to meet one day. I imagine a little girl who looks like me, a little mini me running around, laughing as I pick her up. Me kissing her painful sores away and humming her to sleep. I am nearing the age where it will be appropriate to have a child with or without a man. I would love to be a mother. Though I am scared of labour, the result is worth it. Gosh the stretch marks, swollen feet and the hormones but you get to have a bundle of joy in your arms. What beats that?

I think I should table this idea with Tawanda and hear what he has to say. Surely he will want it as much as I do. Then he will see my commitment. He will surely want me back.

I’ll just have to wait and see.

Approximately four hours and some minutes left to go.


It must be nice having a small head I think. Gemima’s and Muzinga’s small heads mean that they never have to sit for a long time in saloons. Their hair is all done; I’m still suffering with the hairdresser. Muzinga had to leave and head home to pick up stuff she would need for tomorrow while Gemima is talking to the hairdresser about tomorrow morning’s plan. She looks beautiful, her long dark hair falls down her back. Yep, Salome said it, that’s a Diva. Her hair will look beautiful tomorrow when everything is all done, curls and all. It’s going to be an early morning and the hair dresser tells Gemima she will make it by five in the morning. We can’t afford to be late. Monde’s hair is almost done and so is Salome’s.

All this excitement has me feeling like I can go out tonight, dance and drink to happiness. And maybe have a man in my bed, sweaty skin against skin, lips merging and telling a story, hands roaming to places untouched by the sun. It’s been too long, not even I understand why I’ve stayed so long without having a man in my bed. Even having a friend with benefits was something I couldn’t think about. I only slept with men I was dating. The idea of a man leaving my bed so that he can go on with his life was not appealing to me. Actually I figured women who did that were strong. And I’m not that strong. I believe in love. Passion in a relationship.

Granted I would crave random sex sometimes and maybe I wish I had the balls to get it but I knew the next day I would have regretted my decision. I am certain I would be miserable and the act would haunt me that I gave my body freely to a random man. But even in my relationships, the sex was never good enough. And I blame Patrick for it. He ruined it all for me. Patrick and I were inseparable at UNZA. On and off the bed. On the bed gosh, the passion was intense, so intense I still get chills today. That bad mouth and the tongue that came with it. The tongue that did wonders to me that no one else came close. He made me imagine a marriage filled with unending passion. And waking up next to him was the second best part. Breakfast on an UNZA bed. It should be funny but it was beautiful for me until I got pregnant and lost it all. I wonder if I aborted, would Patrick and I have stayed together? Would we gave gotten married? Or would he have held the abortion against me and hated me now. Abortion was never a part of my principles. It never will be. And because of that, I have a beautiful son. And from that, Patrick now wants me back. Do I just take him back just like that and be happy again. What if he leaves again. But what if he doesn’t and he’s serious this time around. Would it be a bad thing to give Samuel a chance at a happy family under one roof? Would Samuel have more siblings? Maybe. Probably. In my head it’s a beautiful picture. Right now he’s making me smile with his messages, right now I am content with simply getting along with the father of my baby.


Samuel says your nails look beautiful. I agree with him. Though we still think your real nails are better.


Of course you would. What are you two up to?


We are outside enjoying the greens. Samuel is itching to go and play with the farmers kids. Let me send you a pic.


The picture I receive has him and Samuel in it; sitting outside, I can see the trees behind them. They are smiling in the picture. They have the same smile, like father like son. Their noses look the same, so do their eyes. Mini Patrick, to the very core. Wasn’t it hard over the years, looking at Samuel and seeing Patrick most days. When Samuel would smile I would see Patrick’s smile, so many things that he would do that reminded me of the man I lost but somehow still gained in Samuel. I both lost and gained. But I can get it all back. And I can’t stop thinking about it.

“Hello ladies. Awww you look amazing girls. Utterly beautiful.”

I look up and see Gemima’s mother walk into the livingroom carrying lots of plastic bags. I can hear more voices of other women outside the livingroom. And so it begins. I wonder what the women have planned for tonight. Gemima’s mother looks beautiful, and the only part that betrays her are her eyes – I can tell she’s tired – but if one didn’t look close enough one would think she just dressed up minutes ago in her white wrap dress and white heels. She walks to Gemima and she bends to whisper something in her ear. She smiles at Gemima and stands upright again. She waves to all of us and she walks out of the livingroom. Gemima stands up from her chair and follows her mother. I look at Monde and she shrugs wondering what’s going on. Gemima walks back into the livingroom smiling at us. Whatever is she hiding. She stands at the entrance and she claps her hands.

“Ladies… I have a surprise for you.” She says happily.

“What is it? Are you pregnant?” Salome asks.

“No. Omg Salome of all the things in this world. Anyway I am so excited.” She says happily. “When your hair is done I’ll show you.”

“You know I don’t like surprises Gemima.” Monde says slowly. “Tell me now. Let me suffer now.”

“Wait for it. I swear you guys will like it.”

Whatever is going on I’m super curious now. When will hairdresser finish my head?

Now I’m super excited.


“Seriously Gemima. Are you kidding me?” Monde says. “This is too much.”

“No. It’s too little in fact. But for being my friends and being with me I wanted you guys to know how I feel. I’m so grateful.” Gemima says.

The ladies and I are sitting in the dining room around the table having dinner, Indian, our favourite. The hairdressers took too long plaiting the weaves. But in the end we had no choice but to wait and if I must say we did it badly. We suck at the waiting game. We kept asking questions about the surprise and Gemima did not reveal a thing. When we were all done with our hair we found out Gemima’s first surprise was Indian dinner that her mother picked up for her. But that was not the best part of the evening. Her second surprise came in form of the gifts she gave us during dinner. Little appreciative gifts to us, her friends for being with her all this time. She gave us wrapped boxes with a sterns embossing on them; we quickly unwrapped our gifts out of excitement, dinner forgotten. Gosh Gemima outdid herself. She got a silver watch for Monde, diamond earrings for me and a silver necklace for Salome. I want to cry, we would do anything for her wholeheartedly even without the gifts. She said we deserved the gifts and more. I am humbled. To friendship and to a life time of memories I think.

“We love you girl.” Salome says. “We would do this all over again. For you, just as you have done in our lives.”

“I know.” Gemima says.

“I feel like crying already.” I say as I fan my face.

“Me too. You have no idea how you guys being here means to me. I’m just so happy you guys get to be here with you though this defining moment.” Gemima says

I feel tears well up in my eyes. I have no words. We will cry together.

“We are grateful you let us witness this defining moment.” I say. “We love you.”

I look at each of them, that look we have given each other over the years and we laugh. Yes this is the meaning of friendship. We are stuck together forever. Nothing can change that. I am blessed with them in my life. Gemima’s phone rings and she picks it up while I lean over to look at Salome’s necklace.

“Kachiza is here with Mukuka and Noah.” Gemima says.

I look at Gemima and smile. The groom wants to see his bride before they get married. So sweet. Salome looks at her phone and mumbles something I don’t quite get. Salome is angry Mukuka is here. Monde raises her eyebrow and shakes her head.

“Noah obviously brought his friends to back him up with his cheating crap.” She says. “I thought he was coming alone to discuss him and his Plumber bullshit. But nope he wants his friends to protect him. I’ll kill him.”

“Calm down Monde.” Gemima says happily. “It will be okay.”

Oh my.

Drama tonight of all nights.

And for the first time I am happy I am still single.


Monde looks super pissed right now. So that’s what she was hiding all day, her talking to Noah about his side chick. I swear I don’t know how she does it. She walks through life smiling yet she’s facing a mountain of problems. And it’s about to get a whole worse. Not just for her but for me too. Mukuka is here and I don’t want to see him right now. I haven’t called Tawanda yet. I have an hour or so left and I don’t need Mukuka and his drama in my business. We are still in the dinning room when the three men walk in with a smiling Kachiza in front followed by Mukuka and a very tired looking Noah. Gemima stands up to kiss Kachiza while Monde remains sitting not turning to face Noah. Okay. This is my cue to leave. Chibwe thinks the same thing because I see her stand up with her dinner plate and leave the dinning room claiming she needs to make a call. I stand up and leave the dinning room heading to the kitchen, it’s about to be explosive in there and I don’t need to get the shrapnel into my skin.


I turn and see Mukuka behind me. He smiles at me and my heart somersaults. Betrayer I think. What is it about Mukuka in his chinos, white shirts and loafers that get me high. Gosh I hate this. I’m supposed to be angry with him. And I am. Because of him I lost a good guy. Because of him and his mouth. Okay his teeth that made the hickies.

“Hey. You okay?” He asks

He stands in front of me, my face at level with his chest. The chest that I slept on just nights ago. I don’t look up. No I keep my face at level with his chest. If I look into his eyes I will lose it and forget about Tawanda. No. I am standing my ground.

“I’m fine.” I respond, a little too rudely.

He notices my response. His hand touches my chin and lifts my head and our eyes meet. Why is he so handsome? Why do I still feel something for him?

“Hair looks good. How did they do it with your short hair? What are you doing to it tomorrow?”

“I don’t know.” I respond.

His hand moves to my neck and I don’t stop him. I know I should but I don’t. I feel his fingers touche the spot where the hickey is. He presses the sore spot and I wince.

“It’s healing well. It suits you.” He laughs

I slap his hand away and walk away from him. He grabs my hand and pulls me back to him.

“What is going on with you?” He whispers. “Temper temper.”

I take a deep breath and look at him.

“You are what’s going with me. You are what’s going in me. Under me. On me. Beside me. Fuck you’re everywhere.” I whisper.

“Careful. People could be listening Salome.”

He looks behind him and he drags me outside. He closes the door and pulls me till we are standing beside Noah’s car. Now we are the two of us outside far from curious ears.

“What the hell is wrong? You can tell me. I’ll listen. What’s happening?”

“Nothing.” I respond.

“I know you too well Salome.”

“It’s nothing Kuka.”

“Is it Tawanda? Did he do something to you? What happened? Did he say something bad? Hit you?”

My gosh. Is that what he thinks of Tawanda? He see him as violent or bad for me? He didn’t really know him I guess. He only knew what I told him and he made his judgement based on my bad stories of him. It was my fault. Mukuka was right, if I had made a choice then maybe this could have been avoided. If I had not wanted the best of both worlds then maybe I would be in the right world. It was truly my fault. My wrong. My mistake. And I had to correct it.

“No. Mukuka it’s you and me. That’s what’s wrong.” I say

“What happened? We are fine. We were fine yesterday.”

“No. We are not fine. And there is no we. It’s you and me separate. We have sex but that’s it. Not us.”

“Salome talk straight. What the hell is wrong?”

“You were right. I made a mistake. Having two men in my life and in my bed.”

He doesnt say a thing, instead he looks at me waiting.

“I got so used to having you in my bed that I didn’t see I was hurting someone else. Gosh I was… I am so in love with you but we both know you don’t love me as much and I kept hoping you would one day just maybe. And I was fooling myself.” I say. “And I kept hoping. Missing out on a good man instead. I made a mess of things. And you didn’t stop me. No. You enjoyed it too. Free lay right. So free you couldn’t date the lay.”

“Salome what are you on about now?” He asks. “You know we are friends. And that’s it. We never talk about dating or making us serious.”

“So you’re comfortable with sleeping with me but not dating me. Thank you for being so clear, bed mate. So you just put hickies on women you never want to be serious with right?” I ask. “Like me. Mark me so that what?”

“Is this about the hickies. It was for fun. Shit. Are you serious? You will heal. No one ever died from them. Calm down Babe.”

“Did you think of what would happen if Tawanda saw them? Did you or was that your plan? To make him see them. To make him angry. To make him know I belonged to you? To make him leave me?”

He looks at me and says nothing.

“It’s not your fault. It’s all mine. I’m the cheater. I’m the one who broke his heart. I’m the one who got caught. And I have to deal with it.”

“Salome.” He starts.

“No. Mukuka I’m tired of waiting for you. I’m tired of hoping you love me. I’m tired of doing this to myself. You want a friend well you got one. I’ll be your friend. You want a bed mate then get a hule. Pay for it. Or find another willing woman. Not me. We are done. If you want me, to be with me then tell me now.”

He doesnt say a word. He just looks at me. I shrug and laugh.

“Just as I thought.” I say. “I give up.”

“Salome you’re angry. That’s it. You will be fine. You never loved Tawanda so it shouldn’t matter that he’s gone.”

“Really why? Because then I’m free for you right?”

“Salome listen.” He starts.

I lift my hand to stop him and he keeps silent. Was loving me that hard for him? Was I not worth it all? Was I only good for being on my back on his bed? Why loving me so hard and foreign to him? I was a fool. But no more. No.

“We are done.” I whisper. “You’re my best friend. Let’s leave it at that. For now.”

I take a few steps and stand in front of him. I touch his chest and look up at him. His hand touches my neck and he leans in and kisses me. His lips move on mine so slowly, his hand squeezes the back of my neck. I kiss him with all I have, everything I am. I give him everything I am I am in this moment. The goodbye in the kiss makes it all so bittersweet. I feel my tears fall down my cheeks. I pull away from him and smile at him.

I’ll miss him. I’ll miss his lips. I’ll miss his hands on me. I’ll miss waking up next to him, sleeping next to him, laughing with him in bed. I will miss everything that involves him being with me. But I gain a friend at the end of the day.

I towards the door and he makes no move to stop me. He doesn’t move, he just stands there in silence. It’s done. And I walk back into the house.

I need a drink.

I need to call Tawanda.


“Can I talk to you Monde?” Noah asks.

I don’t respond. Gemima and Kachiza leave the dinning room leaving me alone with him. I wish they hadn’t done that but obviously we must talk. I hear his footsteps till he comes in view and he sits on the nearest seat. I look at him and I can tell he’s tired, he looks like he’s had the worst day ever. Did I do this to him? He did it to himself with his Plumber I think. He’s lucky I’m not asking for a divorce.

“What do you want Noah?”

“Monde. I’m not cheating on you.” He says slowly. “Baby I love you. Too much. I’m not cheating.”

He will keep lying through his teeth to the very end. What the hell is wrong with men? Zambian men to be specific. Why is he here if he won’t admit the truth.

“So then Plumber was a dream?” I ask him

“I’m not saying that. I want to explain everything. Where do I start?”

“Well who is she? Who is Plumber? How did you two meet? How long has this been going?”

He looks at the table in front of and nods.

“Plumber.” He starts. “Plumber is Samantha.”


“Yes. Samantha. Thee Samantha. Kachiza Samantha.” He says.

My eyes widen. He’s sleeping with Samantha? His best friend’s ex-girlfriend? They share exes now? That doesn’t make any sense. What the hell is going on here?

“You’re sleeping with Samantha?” I ask

“No. I’m not. Really. Samantha? Never.”

“Well then explain how she loves you.”

“I had one of Kachiza’s phones.” He says. “He gave it to me this week, on Sunday, because she’s been calling him non-stop wanting to see him.”

“Uh. Kachiza’s phone?”

“Yes. I kept it for him to keep Samantha away. But I left it in the open at home instead of hiding it. So you read his message.”

What the hell is he saying to me? I am so lost? Kachiza and Samantha? What about Gemima?

“I don’t understand Noah. What happened?” I ask

“I really don’t know.” He says. “Only Kachiza and Samantha do. I gave him his phone the very next day, on Tuesday. I was going to give it to him after the engagement party but after Samantha showed up, I didn’t want Gemima to have to go through getting angry again.”


“Samantha texts him non-stop. Can you imagine if Gemima found out? And I thought it was okay. He just wanted to get through with the engagement party without a problem but Samantha showed up instead. Gemima was angry. So he figured if he explained to her the some part of the truth then maybe she would listen.”


“Samantha is psychotic.”

“And the lipstick?”

“I was getting to that.” He says. “Samantha wanted to meet him and kept insisting on it. Over and over again. So yesterday, Kachiza thought it would be okay if we all went with him so that nothing happens. Mukuka and I went with him to O’Hagans. And we met her. She hugged me and kissed my neck and we all sat down to talk. At some point Kachiza and her went outside to talk. I was livid, and I aired my views about it. He got angry and we argued. And afterwards I came home. And you flipped.”

“I’m still lost. Kachiza and Samantha? Is he cheating on Gemima.”

“No. I don’t know Monde. All I know is he loves Gemima. He would never want to hurt her.”

“Yet he is. Deliberately too.”


“Stop supporting him for once. I asked you if you would tell me the truth and you lied then. I asked you why Samantha had balls to come to the party and you knew why.”


“Did he cheat on her?”

Noah looks at me and his face gives me the answer. Oh my gosh. Is having one woman so bad for a man? What is so wrong with being faithful?

“How far did it go?” I ask. “Will he tell her the truth? Will he?”

“Monde. No. Let it be. Please.” Noah pleads. “I don’t know what he’s gonna do. It’s up to him.”

“Wait.. You want me to lie to Gemima?”

“If it comes to that would you be willing to do it?”

“Of course not. Kachiza needs to decide who he wants in his life. Period. Not this cheating business. Let him decide. I will not Gemima suffer for his actions.”

“Monde, it is none of our business.”

“You made it my business when you decided to help him lie and cheat.”

“I am not gonna justify that Monde. But…”

He reaches out his hand and touches my hand.

“Baby I love you. I didn’t want to tell you. I thought I could deal with him alone. I didn’t think you knew about a part of it. When you got mad last night I called Kachiza up and told him what happened. And we both agreed that the truth had to come out.”

I look at him and shake my head. The truth that would potentially destroy my friend. It will hurt her. It will truly hurt her. How will she get passed it? Noah’s hand squeezes mine. That’s why he’s stressed. That is why he looks tired. He had to fix his marriage and that meant his friend had to go under and so would Gemima. It’s also my fault Gemima gets to know the truth. But firstly I accused my own husband of straying from our marital bed. I accused him of cheating on me. And he was innocent. He never did a thing. He loved me. He loves me.

“I am so sorry.” I start. “I am sorry I did not want to listen to you. But it’s your fault.”

“Women!!” He says. “Never a sorry without a but.”

“I am sorry Noah. I doubted you. I am a bad wife.”

“It’s not your fault Babe. It’s not. You acted in line with what you saw. It’s my fault.” He says

“I hurt you.”

“I hurt you too. I couldn’t live knowing you thought I cheated on you. I know I’ve been busy. I’m so sorry but I love you. A lot. And we have a happy life. You and Suwilanji are my life. Together with our coming bundle.”

He stands up and pulls me up to my feet. He kisses my hands and I smile.

“I love you Monde.”

“I love you too.”

And he kisses my cheek and hugs me.

“Now when I can expect makeup sex?” He asks.


“You ready for tomorrow? No cold feet?” I ask

Kachiza smile and nods. I don’t know why but that calms me down.

“I’m ready. Are you ready?”

“Yes I am. Very ready. More than ready. I can’t wait.”

We left Monde in the dinning room with Noah to discuss their issue and Kachiza and I sat in the living room waiting for them to leave the dinning room. I know they will make up. They can’t stay mad at each other for too long.

“You are beautiful.” He says. “I can’t wait to see what you will look like tomorrow.”

“Thank you. You will not believe what happened today. Samantha sent me a text message. Weird text.”

“What did she say?”

“She wants to talk about you. Whatever that means. I didn’t respond. She’s trouble. What can she possibly tell me about you? She wants to cause problems.”

“Did she call you or send you another message?” He asks.

“Nope. Nothing. Was weird to be honest. And this is the second time. How did she even find my number?”

“Mutual friends probably. Don’t worry about it.”

“I swear I don’t know what’s worse. Dealing with an ex or having to deal with a new woman altogether. Gosh Monde is strong.”

“Gemima…” He starts. “I need to tell you something.”

Huh. Well that statement is worrying I think. Such statements are the reason why people die from overthinking. What can Kachiza surely have to tell me? Is there something wrong? Did something happen? Is he okay? Is this about last night and why he was angry?

“What’s wrong?” I ask him.

“I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“Are you sure you don’t know or you’re just scared because the truth is so painful?” I hear a woman’s voice say.

I look up and see Samantha standing at the entrance of the living room. What the hell? What is Samantha doing here? Her smile is so out of place on her face, if I didn’t know her better I’d think it was innocent. Why is she all dressed up I ask myself as I notice her black lace dress and high heels. That’s beside the point, who let her in? I look at Kachiza and back to Samantha and back to Kachiza. I see him look at her, he looks angry, I wonder why. What the hell is going on?

“Hello Madam Bride.” Samantha starts. “You look beautiful. The perfect bride.”

“What the hell is going on?” I ask. “Samantha? What are you doing here?”

I’m met with silence. Kachiza lowers his head while Samantha keeps looking at us. What the hell is going on?

“Well Kachiza. Why are you silent? Pussy… Cat… caught your tongue?” Samantha asks?

I look at her then Kachiza. Why the hell is he allowing this right now? Men and their weaknesses.

“Baby I don’t know how to tell you this.” He says slowly.

“Well let it out and we can deal with it the way we know best.” I say.

My mind is grasping on needles. I have no idea why Samantha is here standing in my Mother’s living room, acting like she owns the place. Who even brought her here? Chi Juliet. That living piece of shit of a woman. How dare she do this to me before my wedding. I’ll throw Samantha out of here and then get back to Kachiza and his issues. I slowly stand up from the sofa facing Samantha, this girl wants to cry tonight. I take a step and Kachiza grabs my hand.

“I’ve been seeing Samantha behind your back.” He says aloud.

He has been seeing her behind my back? That does not make sense.

“What are you talking about?” I ask, ignoring Samantha and looking at him. “Visiting her or something else.”

Our eyes meet and I frown. Why is he sad? What’s going on?

“He has been with me behind your back.” Samantha says aloud. “That’s what he meant. When he’s through with you he comes to me.”

I’m still lost. What the hell are these two on? Chamba? Have they been drinking together. What the hell.

“Kachiza.. Can you please explain. Tell me why your ex is here?” I say aloud.

“You will need to sit down for this mami.” Samantha says

“Just shut the hell up Samantha.” Kachiza says aloud. “Why are you even here? Who brought you here? This is my Fiance’s family home. Why are you here?”

Kachiza stands up from his seat and faces Samantha. I see him clasp his fist. He will hit her if she doesn’t back off. I don’t need this in my mother’s house. I don’t need my husband getting arrested before he says I do. I stand behind him, move to his side and touch his arm. Samantha smiles at him.

“I’m here for the truth of course. And to wish you both a happy marriage. Besides I brought Gemima a wedding gift. Why are you angry?” Samantha responds. “Why? What do you think you will do here? Are you not getting married tomorrow?”

“Fine. The truth. The truth right?” He asks. “That’s what you are here for?”

Kachiza turns to face me and takes my hands.

“Gemima, I have been chatting with Samantha for longer than you think.” Kachiza says.

“Much longer.” Samantha says behind him. “These men. Trash all of them!!”

I look at her, giving her one look that tells her to shut up.

“It was chatting. Catching up on stuff at first.” He starts. “We ended up talking about the wedding and I invited her, for fun. For fun. I didn’t know she would show up at the engagement party till she did. She called me when she came in from Australia. She wanted to see me and I thought okay nothing wrong with that.”

He keeps silent as if waiting for me to lead him on. I don’t say a word. My eyes are on his face looking at him. I don’t like where this is going. I feel as if he is saving the worst for last.

“So I saw her.”

“The O’Hagans thing right?” I ask

“No. Before that. I saw her before that.” He says. “We talked. About everything. The baby. The abortion. The way things ended. And I forgave her. I realised I was in a good place.”

So he saw her again but before the O’Hagans event.

“Okay. What happened then?”

What else is he hiding from me? Why is he telling me this now? Can’t he tell me this tomorrow after the wedding? Is this necessary? Gosh no need for Samantha drama tonight. But he seems to have something on his chest. And so does she.

“What happened? What’s wrong Kachiza?”

He looks at me and shakes his head. Oh my gosh. No. That’s not it. I’m overthinking things. Nope. Kachiza would never do anything to hurt me. Nothing. He loves me.

“We kissed. That is it. We kissed.”

“And then?”

And then I met her at O’Hagans and we kissed again. It always ended on kissing. That’s it.”

Pause. Yes. That’s what’s happening to me right now. My world paused. My heart hurts, I feel as if I will collapse, I can’t look at him. I keep shaking my head; he tries to touch my hands but I slap his away. I stand up from the seat and look down at him. He kissed her? When? I’m so lost.

“Men and lies. Kissing is taking off clothes now. Uh huh.” Samantha says behind him. “That’s not what happened Kachiza… Kachiza you are a liar. How dare you!! Tonight you will see.”


To be continued…

I would like to thank the Ladies with the heels again. 

And a spcecial shout out to Inonge,Mwenda and Leah for sending love last night. I got the message. Kisses. 

Of course there are those die hard readers of mine. Thank you. Without you where would this story go. Just less than 4 chapters to go. 


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    Loving Chi and Pat right now, but Chi should stretch him a bit longer.

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      Chibwe might fall in love with Patrick again. Salome is strong. She needed to face the truth otherwise it’s a situation were you wake up one day and Mukuka tells you I’m getting married today. Boom. Lost. Noah is a good husband. Ahhh the way he loves Monde I hope I find that.


  9. gracelarbi says:

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    Can we have all three episodes left at a go?? Pretty please. I can’t get enough of this story. Mukuka is a clown. Salome was really brave. Putting her heart out there like that, in the open, with nothing to protect it and watching it get trampled on by Mukuka’s silence. Hian!!

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    1. vhuvu says:

      Hahahaha I’ve been there hey. And I lost in the situation too. So saving that. But I saved the friendship so it’s ok. Hahahahaha. Three chapters at a go.. Awww I type as I post. The remaining ones are soooo messed up so gotta put my ideas in order


  12. joseyphina says:

    Oh seriously, what was Samantha thinking? Making the confession too difficult? She doesn’t expect to get Kachiza back with this drama, does she?

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      She wants him. I seriously blame the man. He made all this happen. He knew how clingy she was. But no. He wanted closure. Not w she wants more closure with him in the end.

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          Kachiza just has to be honest about everything. Or Samnatha will tell the truth.

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              Maybe she can have him in the end.

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