#IAAZB: The Blogging Jungle


April Theme for I Am a Zed Blogger Challenge is: “What is in your essentials toolkit on surviving and staying relevant in our small but growing blogging community?”

Well I’m new to the blogging scene so my toolkit is gonna be a small bag. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a lot of tools. Remember Sport Billy? The kid whose bag carried everything that was super small but when introduced to oxygen it would grow. Okay it wasn’t really an introduction to oxygen. I don’t know what I was watching.

Anyway, let’s get down to it. So as you do know I am a poetry and short story blogger. Hoping you’ve read my work before. Toes crossed. So since I started blogging I’ve been been asked the same questions over and over again which I hope to answer today. Some of the questions I get asked are.

  1. How I find the stories to write? Through life experiences (not mine) and random bathroom scenarios that play in my head. Don’t judge. I see a lot of things around me which inspire me to create a story about it.
  2. What time I have to write each story? Well I find time. When I’m home. Morning or evening. Find time. That’s what it’s about. Finding time.
  3. What motivates me? Hmmmm.. My love of writing is something I want others to see. I put my passion in my words – I hope you feel the passion too – so that people get to feel what I felt when I thought of the story. Knowing that someone out there can read the story and be touched from it is inspiring.

So earlier I mentioned passion. And that’s who I am. A passionate person. Everything I put my heart and mind to I must have passion to accomplish it. So I use that to write the stories I do while hoping I survive in the Blogging Jungle.

Basically how does one stay relevant in the community of bloggers not just in Zambia but in Africa? We all have a section where we tend to monopolise to the fullest be it poetry, stories, photography, politics etc but what makes you relevant and interesting. What makes your words worth reading? What do I have in my Sport Billy bag that helps me be remembered by my awesome readers.

I have a lot of words on my mind. I am a walking story teller ticking time bomb. So I need apps on the go for me to survive in the blogging environment. So let’s look at the apps that are in my Sport Billy bag.

Tadaaaaaa dum dum…..

WordPress: I have tried Tumblr, Blogspot and Medium but I found out WordPress suits my needs perfectly. The themes are also amazing. I had an idea of what my blog would look like and I got that done on wordpress. It took me over a week to develop my look. And when I was done I was proud of myself. Plus through WordPress I’ve gotten to find awesome bloggers out there and been inspired too. And the comment section is pure perfection. I have gotten to know my readers through it. WordPress is definitely mwahhhh.

Evernote: Without this app I would a walking mess of paper. Save the trees. This app helps me write on the go. Idea hits I write there and then. Why I love Evernote is because as an app it syncs across many of my gadgets whether it be my laptop or phone. Everything is updated so that I never lose my work ever.

Pinterest: You notice I use all those beautiful pictures on my blog neh. Pinterest is the cause. I have so many pictures to search through but of course using the search engine I find what I am looking for so that the story goes with the image in mind. I’m a visual writer.

Pinterest ruining my phone. I can’t stop pinning and searching


Enlight: This is one of the best photography editing apps I have ever come across. Editing comes easy. I can recreate almost anything with this app. I know others have their own but for me Enlight has proven to be worth the pay.

S-Planner: I have reminders to tell me when I am late in handing in a post every week. With the busy schedule I have believe me when I say the reminder is a good thing.

However, even with all those apps, staying relevant is the hardest thing. Making sure your readers actually click on the story and read the whole story, no matter how long is hard. Why should they? What makes your work great? Why take their time? How epic is it? So the question that comes to mind is how do you make them smile or laugh or think?

Content: Two conflicting views exist here. Either you post what you love or you post what people what to read. I believe posting what you love matters. Do you. Be you. And some people will love it and look out for more no matter what. The way you write is sort of a reflection of who you are. So I choose to blog about things that affect me and most people. That’s me. What do you blog about?

Follow other Blogs: To be noticed means noticing others too. Don’t be selfish. Follow other blogs. Read what you see. Word for word. Comment if possible. Communication is key. It shows you took the time to read the story and people don’t forget – I’m assuming you are all good people. They will do the same for you. You share. They share. You both grow.

Consistency: One piece per…….. day? Week? Month? Year? Up to you. I try one post per week. Consistency matters and it’s the hardest thing ever especially when life takes over. But always keep a reminder to keep you on track. My calender helps. I have all my stories listed with posting dates. How do you do it?

Networking: I tend to share my work on Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook because that’s where I have the most diverse of followers. And I’ve actually gotten know some of my followers. Awesomeness. Always remember your piece shouldn’t remain on wordpress unread. It should be shared and re-shared. You never know your story might touch someone’s heart. So do remember to let the world read your work. And it’s through networking I find new stories. All the time. So get networking. Make new friends and write away.

So that’s my toolkit. Small neh. But I hope with time it grows. Maybe into a suitcase. I also hope I get to write more stories with a twist. Yes the weird twists I love so much.

Tell me about your toolkit in the comment section.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

That’s all folks.

From a Zed Blogger.


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  1. lexxofficial says:

    I’m still fairly new to the world of blogging.. I had no idea there were soo many wonderful Zambian bloggers! I didn’t even know I had to have a toolkit 😀 makes me feel like the littlest kid in school! but after reading this, I’ve picked up some valuable tips. Thanks! With hope, my blog (and blogging skills) will be on the up and up from here

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhuvu says:

      Good luck. If you need help do find me hey. My toolkit is small. Ahh others have more in their bag. It’s huge. Suitcase size. The big one. Hahaha


      1. lexxofficial says:

        well, they do say dynamite comes in small packages 😀 haha. I definitely will contact you if (or more like when) I need help 🙂

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  2. KayCee says:

    First, just wondering how I missed all your posts. *sigh* I have been living in my head these last few weeks.
    I read your toolkit and was like wooaah! Mine is nonexistent then lol.
    I know lack consistency when it comes to posting. I tried the post once a week, and picked friday but that didn’t work out. I seem to keep my posts on my phone and leave them there. Not sure what good that does.
    I use my phone’s notes when I need to jot down something. It has been a life saver. Used to carry a journal around as well but I replaced it with a planner and that’s not working out as well as the journal so maybe I will start carrying both from now onwards.
    Aside from wordpress, I use twitter and that’s about it. Never shared through facebook because my family is on there and I am not sure I want them reading my randomness. Lol
    Great toolkit, I am inspired to do better. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Beaton says:

    interesting toolkit…. I am a light traveler you see, I never carry more than I need to ever.
    Lets see I have twitter for sharing my blog, which is WordPress based obviously hahahaha and personally I think the comments section are the beesknees, I always wonder at people who have closed off comments or chose not to reply, though I would prefer people who had closed comments than those who simply ignore, thats just R.U.D.E….. but yeah maybe they have their reasons.
    I have Instagram but cant quite wrap my head around so I pop by once in awhile see what others are eating, where they are going to, what they wearing as they live and I log out.
    Consistency hmmm I try to post once a week at the least subject to adulting, but I have a draft folder of lots half-baked ideas which I can easily churn into a post if I want……
    actually the only thing that really limits my posting freedom is internet connection, I need unlimited wifi in my life *sigh* (see only replying to this post a week later ☻but better late than…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhuvu says:

      Better late than never. Haha… I swear adulting is hard. It takes over and next thing it’s a month later and you haven’t posted a thing. Closed off comments? Wow I didn’t know one can do that. That’s weird though. They don’t want to know what people think of their work?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Beaton says:

        You can do that…. hahahaha just like you can put a time limit on the window one has till comments can no longer be made on an article,
        or you could just make your blog private …. and no *insert cliched names* can just read it unless you give them a password, thats for those who dont people to read their work I guess?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. vhuvu says:

          So weird. So complicated either way lol

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  4. First of all, small toolkit are definitely NOT the words you intended to use. I will assume it was your autocorrect!

    This was interesting to read, especially for lazy bloggers like me who do so when it suits, which can be 5 times a year! Really, you actually post every week? I never see these posts! I like reading your work, I think you’re super creative and I always seem to relate to your stories or know someone who would! I always say this to you, get a publishing deal, I will be first to purchase!

    BTW…….I can’t find part 6 of The Flirt! Maybe it’s my laptop but kindly tag me 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. vhuvu says:

      Small toolkit? Please help me with the right phrase. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No. Your blogging toolkit is definitely NOT small. You’re a medium to large hehe. That’s one long list of survival tools!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. vhuvu says:

          Lol. Ahh I’ve seen a longer list hey. Extra apps which do other things. Lol. What’s yours like?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You know, I actually don’t have a toolkit at all, maybe Twitter to share with my blog readers who don’t blog…..but other than that, I just open up wordpress and rattle on without direction hehe. But I also think it’s a lot to do with the blog genre…..I blog a lot about my life and everyday stuff I encounter which doesn’t really need planning or organisation. But I bet you this, staying relevant is a bloody war. So difficult esp with plenty good writers!

            Liked by 2 people

            1. vhuvu says:

              Exactly. I always say this. To write a piece that’s much better than the one before is hard. Omg. You have the skill to write. You feel it you write and post. Always funny. I love your writing skills. Awesomeness. I need a path to floor before I write. Find the images. Eish I’m complicated.


              1. Aww thank you lol. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever planned a blog post or made a draft before. I generally just write whatever comes to my mind……obviously with cohesion but that’s why my blog is so random!!

                I’ve always said, you’re pretty amazing too.

                Liked by 1 person

  5. Joel Jemba says:

    You call that a small toolkit? *shakes head*
    This is already a suitcase, my friend.
    By the way about content, I co-sign it, it’s always hard but mehn, sometimes I twist the story and boom we both get there.
    Well about my toolkit, it would be more like yours I guess through for the photography app that would be ‘snapseed’ and my instincts tell me you know it or you heard about it!
    Meanwhile well done Zed Blogger [Insert several claps emojis]

    Liked by 3 people

    1. vhuvu says:

      Thank you. Finding a balance between what people want and what you want is hard. So find a balance sometimes. Get the readers mind with awesome pictures I guess that’s why I use pictures.

      It’s not a suitcase yet. Others have plenty things. Ahhhhh. Lol. I don’t do my own photography hey. I know of snapseed. Can you believe I failed that app. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Joel Jemba says:

        You failed the ‘snapseed’ app? I find myself on the edge of judging you but that would be really useless, so hey, oho!
        You are still here, alive, slaying and you are doing just fine, [Insert more sympathetic words]

        Liked by 1 person

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