3-Day Quote Challenge (Modified) – Positivity

Thank you Kirabo for nominating me in the 3-Day Quote Challenge (Modified). Awesomeness right here. (Do check her blog).

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. {Did that!}
2. Post a picture quote each day for 3 days. {Just one.}
3. Nominate five/more bloggers. {because 3 is so little}
4. Theme the entire three days – e.g. Playfulness, Thankfulness, or any other ness you can thing of

I love talking about positivity because it’s the one thing I strive for. Being positive is hard especially when things do not go your way. Things happen that drag us down to our negative side. If things go wrong it’s easy to stop being positive and simply cloak yourself in negativity; but that is wrong.


Staying positive is important. Being positive changes the outcome of everything in your life. You see things differently. You stay happy and sane.

Sending some your way right now. +++++++++++++

I nominate the following people:

  1. Sandraboggie
  2. TeeMadzika
  3. Deetales
  4. AnastasiaRuth
  5. Beaton 



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