The Single Chronicles: The Faithful Woman


“You have an STI.”

What a joke. This doctor is a joker. Me. An STI. From who? My thoughts went from the doctor who’s lips were still moving to my boyfriend who was probably at work right at this moment.

Son of a cheater…

Calm down I tell myself.


My thoughts disappear as I hear the words.

“H-I- what?” I ask loudly

The doctor looks at me. He looks like a kind man. Probably in his 40s; a little grey hair here and there on his head. Married too as I notice his gold band on his left hand.

“We tested you for HIV/AIDS because of the level of the STI infection. You are are a lucky lady. You are HIV negative bit to be sure we need you to come in every three months for at least year to ensure it stays that way.”

Son of a Pig

“No need to worry. The infection will be cleared in no time.  I’ll write you a prescription of ….”

Son of a cow

He can tell I’m worried. But I’m in shock. I know I’m in shock. I thought I had malaria when I drove to the clinic this morning. All the symptoms pointed to it. And now they found an STI?

I’m angry. So much for trusting him and hoping I was his only one. And here I was about to get medication for something I didn’t need. Did he know about the STI? Did he hide it from me. For how long? Who was the other woman? Did she give it to him. I was clean for crying out loud. A faithful girlfriend. And I get repaid with an infection.

Son of a …..

“Miss…… Miss…….”

I turn to look at the doctor. His hand outstretched across the desk; a prescription page in his hand. I reach out and take it barely noticing what’s on it.

“No alcohol for a month. No sex. Penetrative or oral. Come back after a week for a review.”

I nod. I’m afraid I’m going to start crying soon. He probably can tell I’m the victim here. Or maybe he’s judging me and thinking I’m the cheater. Meanwhile the cheater is out there in his office.

“It will be okay. You will be fine. You came early. We found it before it got really bad. You will be fine. However, kindly ensure you bring your partner for testing too. If you want you can go for counselling. It would be best to bring him in and test him and give him the right medication.”

Like hell I will. He’s gonna be dead by the time I find him. 

I manage a smile and stand.

“Thank you Doctor. See you next week.”

I don’t hear what he says after. I quickly walk out of his office. I’m numb. I feel sick. I feel dead. What was I going to do? I know I hadn’t strayed out of this relationship- it was relatively new, 6 months and I was faithful; so that only left him. Who does this to their girlfriend.

A son of a gun that is.

I see other patient’s eyes on me. Do they know I’m sick. That the love of my life gave me this disease. I just want to leave and go home to sleep. I cannot go to work now. I all but run to the pharmacy. The pharmacist looks at me as I hand her my prescription. Shit. She knows. The shame. The horror of my life.

If only the ground could open up and eat me.

She quickly gives me my medication. She says it’s self explanatory. I mouth a thank you to her for her silence and walk away quickly heading to my car. I am mad. I am furious. I am sad. I am an idiot. I have to see him. I have to talk to him.

Somebody hold me back.

Because I’m going to kill someone.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, I have come REALLY LATE to this party. I will catch up though trust me. The binge reading begins..


  2. Mr Mayor says:

    Ran out of words but couldn’t run out of fullstops to punch
    If it was a play this is the time for clapping hands. A standing ovation

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhuvu says:

      Thank you.. thank you… *bowing*


  3. ferddhie says:

    Vhuvu I read this article a while ago and made a mental note to log on to WordPress and comment. I guess I’m growing old cos I completely forgot.

    This is wonderful and the buildup of her anger is excellent.


    1. vhuvu says:

      😊 thank you for commenting. I actually felt her anger hey. Expect more single chronicle stories of several women

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Beaton says:

    someone is sooooo getting killed and someone is busy in the office without a clue in the world that they about to witness first hand that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhuvu says:

      😊😊😊 exactly. He’s in for it.

      Liked by 1 person

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