#IAAZB Alive and Well: Hi. I am Me.


Last Year: My Motto was “A better attitude, Treat the world with respect and don’t forget to be happy.”

12 months of 2015
And somehow in those 365 days I lost my way

The most amazing things happened:

I found myself
I am all white with a touch of blue
Was a little hard to accept that I am different and that I have the potential to be better.
To be somebody that others could respect and maybe get to know and like, maybe love… (I’m trying… My smile certainly helps)
No more Ms Rude Girl but Ms Happy-Girl-No-Matter-What comes my way.

I found friendship
Those who I have been with throughout the year, those that truly know me know this.
I tend to hide from the world afraid of trusting people,
I stay home in my room bored to death
A loner so to say,
But I got out of my shell and got to know some people,
Sure some left but
I’m still meeting new people,
I can say they changed my life.

I learnt what it meant to love me,
I looked at the world and everybody loved the world except me,
My flaws destroyed every bit of confidence i had
The hurtful worlds from anyone’s mouth had the potential to make me cry
Then I met me, (And I am crazy)
It’s been an eventful ride of ups and downs that made me see myself as this beautiful intelligent woman
Who has been trying to find a place to fit in and realising I do fit in
In my own way.

I learnt what it meant to walk away
I saved a lot of bad ships (Relation, Friend)
These led to moments of depression that I needed to get out of
So I took the first step to being alone,
Square one
To walk away from all the abuse, non-existent humans i called friends and insults the ships had to offer
Today I have better ships in my life.(calm waters)

To make time
For all the things that matter
To be a lady and experience life in my 20s in the best way possible
There are no instructions on how to do this
But I think I’ve been doing a good job so far

And to Find God
This was the hardest,
It’s taken me more than 7 years to get back in line with Christ,
Something I thought I would never do
Its a beautiful relationship,
I am never alone,
I don’t know why it took me so long to start this relationship.

So its a new year,
Definitely not a new me
Just a better, funnier, happy, weird, more smiley version me
I am looking forward to the new challenges 2016 has to offer
I hope you are too

And remember you are beautiful just as you are especially if you are happy.

My 2016 Motto is:

Negativity aside, spread the love, be who you want to be, to truly be happy.

Alive and Well.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. A lot to take in initially, but like a slow broth the various elements come together and in turn deliver a poignant piece indeed about the human condition. An honest piece indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vhuvu says:

      Thank you 😄😄😄😄


  2. joseyphina says:

    Great motto and lovely photo☺

    Liked by 1 person

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