Two Faces


Or should I call it lust,
I know not which is my choice,
I see two faces,
My love has two faces,
And here I say,
For the first time,
I am in love with two men,
And I know not which one is my fate,
The dreamer,
Or the realistic
One is my obsession,
And the other,
My liar,
What path I take,
Depends on who takes my breath away,
Day by day,
Living a double life
Has taken its toll on me,
I need to choose one,
My heart whispers,
My mind argues,
The one who sees me as a muse,
Building his castle around me,
He who works hard to be a man of honour among men,
Standing by my side,
Touching my soul most nights
Mending my hopeful heart that this could be the day he stays
The manipulator who broke my heart,
And still strives to break it,
In order to maintain his spot in the book of records,
That only exists in his head,
The undecided who strays looking for a better bed,
Excuses on his mind,
The same ones he told just last night,
No one told me love was this difficult,
This is so wrong,
Its taking away my happiness,
My joy and my sanity,
Pick one,
Question is,
Should I stay with any of them?
Or should I go,
Go back to that life,
Before I met them,
The life I am so afraid of,
The choice is mine,
I just wonder,
How I will be able to live without,
My two faced love,
Who I call my husband.


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